Rumor: Final Fantasy XIII-2 DLC Will Feature a “Villain from Final Fantasy VI”

Simmer down for a second and get your grains of salt ready, because sometimes these rumors pander to the fans. According to Siliconera, a source has stated that upcoming rounds of DLC for Final Fantasy XIII-2 will add more villains to the Coliseum, including previously-leaked XIII villain Jihl Nabaat and Gilgamesh in his Final Fantasy V incarnation.

Gilgamesh I totally called the second I saw the move set for exclusive bonus boss Omega, which is identical to his set from V. But what is perhaps the most tantalizing tidbit from this rumor is that a certain Final Fantasy VI villain will be making an appearance soon.

So what’s your guess? Is it kooky Kefka or — and my money is on this one — Ultros? Bets anyone?

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  • As much as I’d love to see Kefka in all the glory the PS3 can muster (which isn’t nearly enough to match his standards), I think that Atma would be an amazing addtion. And I mean Atma, not Ultima from the GBA rerelease.

    My name is Atma…… I am pure energy… and asancient as the cosmos. Feeble creatures, GO!

  • Kefka Baby!!!