Man Breaks Arcade Longevity Record, Manages Third Highest Q*Bert Score

on March 2, 2012 4:30 PM

What’s the longest you’ve ever sat and played a video game straight through? Well, Floridian Ed Heemskerk broke the record for the single longest play session on an arcade cabinet with Q*Bert this morning. He spent a solid 68.5 straight hours on the thing and managed to accumulate the third highest-known score for the game, 30,789,910.

The previous record, 67.5 hours, stood since 1985. Not satisfied with only having the third-highest known Q*Bert score, Heemskerk says he’s going after that title this June with an 80-hour play session of the arcade classic. Is there any arcade game you could stand to play for more than three days? Try watching the last three minutes of Heemskerk’s record attempt (embedded below) to help you decide.


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