Lightning Bolt, Sunburn and Zook Join Skylanders in the Dragon’s Peak Adventure Pack

Things in Skylanders just got a little more “cray” (that’s crazy for all of you older than 18 out there.) Three new characters join the roster today, each bringing its own unique brand of action in the Dragon’s Peak Adventure Pack. Lightning Bolt joins the air elementals, Sunburn fire and Zook the life clan in the newest figurines/DLC to be released for your Portal of Power.

Lightning Bolt features the Zeus-like ability to strike down his foes with–what else?–a series of bolts. He can also summon an array of lightning to do the dirty work for him. In addition to his fire-breathing, Sunburn can teleport to confuse and evade his enemies. And Zook wields a homemade bamboo bazooka. Enough said there. Did I mention we have a screenshot gallery after the jump?

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  • Krg9263

    Where have they been released. I do not even see them on ebay yet?

    • I’ve seen them on, but no sight of the figures on the U.S. site or on other outlets like Best Buy or Walmart. We’ll keep you posted.

  • jasminesmom

    They have not been release yet. Most the talk I see says Mid to Late March. Some Limited Edition Blue Bash showed up on eBay today but not many. I think the preorder sold out fast.

  • Matthewb08

    lightning rod idiot you suck