Not One But Two Final Fantasy VI Monsters to Grace XIII-2’s Coliseum

And one of them is not Kefka or Ultros. Yet.

Siliconera’s source has revealed that upcoming DLC for the never-ending story that is Final Fantasy XIII-2 will feature two monsters from beloved classic Final Fantasy VI. One has already been revealed: Typhon (or Chupon in the SNES version), a monster whose powerful “Snort” attack is strong enough to blow your party completely out of the encounter.

Later in VI Typhon becomes a combatant in the Dragon’s Neck Coliseum, which is run by — surprise, surprise — Ultros. It should also be noted that Typhon is touted as Ultros’s back-up or partner whenever you encounter the sleazy purple octopus. Could Typhon’s boss be the second fighter from VI to enter XIII-2‘s ring? Stay tuned!

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  • Anonymous

    Fingers totally crossed for Ultros.

    • All my fingers and toes crossed for Ultros. That crazy octopus was half of what made VI so freaking fun. Well, a good portion of it anyway. I’m sad they haven’t thought of bringing him back before a la Gilgamesh. Although if they are including Typhon, who was basically his Ultros’ sidekick… It has to be Ultros. It HAS to be.

      • Anonymous

        For sure, it HAS to be. These two are already linked as a pair – Chupon/Typhon is pretty vague to have on his own WITHOUT Ultros, arguably the better known of the two. 

        They’ve at least had Ultros make one other appearance – ever play FFIV The After Years?