Pac-Man and Toro DLC Heading to Touch My Katamari

on March 9, 2012 11:00 AM

Just in case you weren’t already enjoying your copy of Touch My Katamari for the PlayStation Vita, Namco is sending some notable characters to the game via DLC. These include the world famous Pac-Man, as well as PlayStation mascot Toro (who is also a playable character/wasted character slot in Street Fighter X Tekken). There will be a Pac-Man themed DLC stage, which will include the series’ colorful ghost, as well as various items from the Pac-Man universe.

At a later time than the Pac-Man DLC, Namco will also be releasing a Toro/Kuro themed stage. Screenshots of the Pac-Man stage can be viewed behind the break. Touch My Katamari is available now for PS Vita. 

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