Video of GDC Tech Demo For Pixeljunk 4am

on March 10, 2012 2:05 PM

Sony’s Playstation Blog released a video showcasing their newest rhythm gaming experience, Pixeljunk 4am. This tech demo took place at GDC this week, and if the game itself plays as smoothly and easily as it seems to in the clip, it should prove to be a solid experience for music enthusiasts.

The clip shows Rowan Parker, Pixeljunk’s lead designer, explaining how players utilize the Playstation Move controller to snatch ambient sounds from space, making use of an invisible “audio canvas” to create music. In shorthand, this is like having a real life Wind Waker that, rather than producing changes in the weather, creates ambient techno. Maybe not as powerful, but still very cool. Check out the video after the break!

The visuals onscreen react to the sounds a player inputs, creating a sort of free form live-action music video. Pixeljunk 4am will eventually have its own live streaming radio broadcast through PSN, in addition to a free viewer so even those who don’t but the game can see music other players have made.

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