Claptrap’s Borderlands 2 Love Letter Proves PC is the Definitive Version

on March 16, 2012 5:47 PM

Borderlands 2 will have a PC version. That much you know. But did you know that there’s going to be an FOV slider? Yep, there sure is. And there’s a slew of other features that are added on, including re-mappable keys, offline LAN support, 100-percent mouse-usable menus and mouse scrolling, higher-resolution support and a bevy of other features.

The announcement came as a steamy love letter from Claptrap, the lovable if not a tad colorful robot who feels as though it’s appropriate to call you “baby” more times in a letter than is admissible by Justin Bieber’s standards. For those of you who don’t want to play the game with a keyboard/mouse setup (all both of you) there’s also control pad support.

PC-specific UIs, mouse-smoothing options and the fact that there’s no port-forwarding required for Borderlands 2 could, quite potentially, make this the definitive version of the game for fans. If you want to check out the letter for yourself, be prepared to catch sketches of Claptrap in a bed with a bottle of champagne or in the shower. No, I’m not joking.

Just as its console counterparts, Borderlands 2 will include cloud save support on the PC. But will either console allow integrated V-sync options? Probably not. So, which version of the game will you be picking up come September?

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