Kojima Dealing with “Taboo” Topics in Project Ogre

Hideo Kojima revealed at a Q&A following the Smithsonian’s “Art of Video Games” exhibit that the game he is currently working on will deal with “delicate and taboo” issues. This is quite curious, because Kojima-san said something similar about another game in 2010. However, that game is believed to have been cancelled because of Kojima’s outraged temper tantrum via Twitter. The game Kojima is currently working on is code-named Project Ogre.

Project Ogre and the alleged cancelled  game may very well be the same thing, but I’d deem that unlikely after that Twitter rant.  These sensitive issues are also “real life” issues, and he plans to shed light on them with his next game. Anybody have an idea of which issues Kojima-san might be referring to? There are no further details available at this time, but we’ll be watching Kojima and co. closely.

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  • In terms of “taboo” issues in games I can only think of two issues that companies never, ever go near (both for obvious reasons).

    The first is rape and the second is children, or well the killing of children. Games never touch either, but honestly I really don’t see a need to. I love realism in games but sometimes we play these stories to get away from real life problems and issues. So while I trust Kojima, I hope that if I am right about either of these two topics that it’s done  in a classy way, and used to move the narrative. 
    We don’t need controversy for the sake of controversy.