‘Take Back Earth’: The Remix

on March 20, 2012 5:35 PM

It seems like there are some fans of DJs and turntable artists somewhere in Bioware. Published today was a remix of the ‘Take Back Earth’ Mass Effect 3 trailer featuring Truntablist Mike Relm. The new video features some heavy Reaper bass and a few familiar voices of some of your companions. There are also lines mixed in from both male and female Shepard.

Bioware has even added some in-game footage to the trailer mashup, including the famous Thresher Maw versus the Reaper scene. The track is enjoyable enough, for those of you into blasting your speakers. Instead of the loud heart-stopping alarm used to signify that the Reapers know you’re around, I almost wish this track was used instead.

Turn up your volume and follow the break.

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