You Shall Not Pass: Ninja Gaiden 3’s Online Just Isn’t Letting Some People In

on March 20, 2012 4:30 PM

Those of you who absolutely hate the idea of online passes are going to love this: Some folks who purchased Ninja Gaiden 3 today in order to slash their way through another of Ryu Hayabusa’s adventures have had trouble logging on to the game’s online component. Upon entering the code for their online passes, they’re greeted by a screen that says the code is invalid.

A cursory search on Twitter gives you plenty of results for players frustrated at being confined to their own console in this newest installment of the series. Team Ninja says they’re aware of the problem and hard at work fixing it, but as of now it persists. You can follow the developer’s Facebook page for updates, but you have to Like it before you see anything. I know: Quite a heavy price to pay for information.

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