Gotham City Impostors Patch 1.5 is Live on Xbox 360

The next time you boot up Gotham City Impostors on the Xbox 360 you’re going to find a nice new patch sitting there waiting for you which will update your game to version 1.5 which fixes quite a few technical problems with the game that are sure to please fans everywhere.

Check after the break to see the full (albeit small) list of changes before you get back into the fun of taking over Gotham City in whatever way you see fit. This way for me usually involves a bow and a lot of explosives. 

  • Improvements to profile data storage and retrieval to help prevent data loss
  • Fix for score being inaccurately represented in team deathmatch games
  • Fixes to leaderboard and multiplayer stat tracking
  • Fixes issue with parties failing to join a session progress

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  • Angry Bat (xbox 360)

    my connecting with parties was finally doing what it was supposed to do just this week…then this morning, after the patch update (360), my connection was back to it’s shitty self. can’t connect with parties to online matches. and for some reason it sends me in an endless loop where it sends me to the main menu and then tries to connect to the game again but fails every time -__-

    • John

      Get ahold of the guys on Twitter and let them know, or hit up their official forums. They’re really good about talking to people and helping fix things when they can. @gothamimpostors and

  • Blabla

    This patch broke the game I can’t find a single match after this patch