Blow Up Everything In Sight With the Soldier Car in Wheels of Destruction

on March 23, 2012 6:00 PM

Every racing/vehicular combat game needs its middle-of-the-road, all-around racer. Twisted Metal has its Outlaw. Mario Kart has Mario and Luigi. And the coming PlayStation Network exclusive Wheels of Destruction has the Soldier class car. Normal speed, normal defense, normal offense. Yep, this is about as normal as things get, folks. Well, as normal as possible when your main objective is to blow up every other car on the road.

The primary objective in Wheels of Destruction is pretty easy to discern from the game’s title. Pick a car, go online and blast everyone else to high heaven. The game goes on sale in the PlayStation Network Store March 27. Check out the Soldier trailer after the jump.

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