New Steel Battalion: Heavy Armor Tutorial Trailer Explains Why We Might Want a Kinect

Capcom just published a new trailer of Steel Battalion: Heavy Armor, showcasing the tutorial of the game and focusing on the Kinect controls that will allow us to handle all sorts of minor (and even fairly major) tasks inside the cockpit of our Vertical Tank.

The motion controls range from changing the point of view to selecting the kind of ammunition and manning the machine gun.

Of course many might argue that all those operatios would probably be handled quite easily with a contoller, but I’ll let you be the judge of that. I’ll just give you one last piece of advice before you proceed past the break to check the trailer out. Leave the big red button alone, really.

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  • Mrmetroid

    I really don’t understand why there is hate for implementation of the Kinect to play this game. Before hand when games were made specifically for the Kinect they were viewed as gimicky and not worthy as a solid title.

    So with Steel Battalion combining the controller and kinect, people complain because it should all be set to a controller, that a complicated mech game shouldn’t use a kinect to help control it? What gives? I for one am looking forward to combat games taking a turn in a different direction, and making us use different methods to play. Shooters can only get so exciting nowadays, but lets at least give this a fair try before throwing it to the fire. 🙂