Final Fantasy Theatrhythm will Serenade North American Fans this July

Square-Enix has revealed the release date of their adorable musical 3DS title Theatrhythm Final Fantasy. Fans will be able to tap along to their favorite Final Fantasy tunes on July 3rd. This should give 3DS owners a bone to chew on until later that month when Kingdom Hearts 3D…um…drops here in the states. In Japan multiple demos for Theatrhythm were released before the game, so hopefully America will get these as well. If not, then I think we can all agree that the game itself is plenty. I can’t wait to tap my way through the Final Fantasy VII tracks – which songs are you most hyped about?

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  • john mercado

    in my opinion none of them. if square want to do games and sell is better for them to get new ip names a let the final fantasy series go back to their left behind a little the futuristic theme.
    final fantasy 4 is one of the best for me.

    • Alex

      How can you be against a game celebrating it’s much praised music? It’s ┬áno as if this is a main entry title, so why not? FF needs to experiment with new gameplay before it becomes CoD and is nearly the same in every game. The classics where great, but it’s time for change, not to keep in the past.