Phantasy Star Online 2 Benchmark Available with Full Character Creator

A special treat for any Phantasy Star Online 2 fans has been released. A benchmark for the title is now available for download and includes the complete character creator. It allows you to customize a new hero for when the full game becomes available.

Despite it being in Japanese, the menus and graphics are easy to work through and offer a lot more options than previous Phantasy Star titles. I had a lot of fun playing with all the tweaks and colors for customizing hair, eyes, faces, noses, mouths, different body parts and armor. Take a look at the thirty screenshots after the break. You can download the benchmark here.

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  • Anonymous

    Aw yeah, gonna check this out tomorrow for sure.

  • :O 

    Downloading now.

  • This is some of the best Character Creation i’ve seen since Aion came out and the original PSO!
    *Game settings @Maximum*
    720p Benchmark Score
    720p GPU Overclocked Benchmark Score
    900p GPU Overclocked Benchmark Score
    1080p GPU Overclocked Benchmark Score

    Reference From Sega
      ★ Less than 2000:  Please adjust your game settings because the processing load is quite heavy.
        ★★ 2000 through 5000: The game runs fine at the setting, if you have room, you can adjust some settings.
        ★★★ 5001+: The game works wonderfully at this setting.

    According to the Minimum Requirements, the specs are awfully close to that of the PS3.(the GPU at least) I wouldn’t be surprised if they made a PS3 port in addition to the already announced Vita port.

    I’m pretty excited. The game looks a lot nicer than their official screenshots have been showing the last few months on maximum.

    Still up close, character Textures/NormalMaps/SpecularMaps/etc are rather Disappointing looking.

    And the dynamic shadows look pretty nice, now they just need some sort of filtering/Jittering like Crysis did and they will look amazing.

    Environment texturing seems to have gotten a lot higher quality as well, and there is some AA which looks pretty good but there is still some pixel crawl/aliasing. Don’t know if it’s because they use POST-AA or it’s Shader/etc aliasing.

    Hopefully they’ll have even more higher quality options for high end PCs once it’s released. Considering it’s already SUPER SCALABLE(SRSLY , @ 720p non Overclocked with the settings at 3 with basic shaders and High-res textures , I was getting over 300FPS and my score was gigantic). There is no downside to giving us that extra mile for PC.

    Keep it up Sega!

  • Anonymous

    The character creation styles look awesome.

  • I like it ,thx Stolehearts