Want to Play Battlefield 3 Your Way? EA Will Let You Rent Your Own Server… For a Price

on April 5, 2012 11:00 AM

If you ask your PC elitist friends they’ll tell you that using dedicated servers is the best way to play online. As a console shooter fan myself, it’s probably the biggest feature that I’m jealous of when thinking about how “the other side plays.” Well now, thanks to Battlefield 3, PS3 gamers can now enjoy the awesomeness that comes with using a dedicated server, and they don’t have to buy a second PS3 to do so.

Instead, for the first time in Battlefield history, players can now rent their own dedicated server to play on. The servers can be run privately for some fun and practice or publicly for some ranked gameplay. EA has prepped a trailer to show off the functionality, check all of the features in the video after the cut.

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