Mass Effect 3 Gets Free “Resurgence” Multiplayer DLC in April. Trailer Published.

BioWare published today a new trailer announcing Mass Effect 3: Resurgence, a new DLC for the critically acclaimed (and quite controversial) third chapter of the Mass Effect saga.

The new DLC will be released on April the 10th, and will add new playable race/class combinations, new weapons and two new maps: Firebase Condor and Firebase Hydra.

The sweetest part of the deal is that the pack will come absolutely for free.

Quite obviously a covert alien invasion is undergoing and the Electronic Arts headquarters have been taken over. While you ponder on this, you can check out the trailer after the cut.

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  • I enjoy this game to a certain degree, but like other Bioware Games in the past, this title struggles to discover what it is. Like Final Fantasy XIII-2, it presents the illusion of choice and discovery by giving you a central hub to “explore” various mission. While the execution of the game mechanics is enjoyable for the most part, the majority of the game seems more like a chore to me. No more money from me for this this title.

     What surprises me is how much love this game gets and the lack of love for Kingdoms of Amular which is objectively a better thought out and executed game. It isn’t lacking a story, it just let’s people play casually without forces them to engage in it. It isn’t lacking in atmosphere and its game mechanics are the best I’ve ever seen in an action rpg. Oh well. That’s life: nice guys finish last.

    • KoA seemed like it didn’t know what it wanted to be though. The customization for a ‘sandbox’ RPG is really lacking and turned me off a great deal. Such limited options for such a big game really annoyed me.

      • I agree that the opening customization option sucked and so do the menus, but that’s where I stop. I am of the opinion that they aimed to perfect the action rpg and they almost did. The looting, skill tree, and environment drive enough customization to satisfy me. I can’t think of one cross platform action rpg genre that does as many things right since Zelda: LTTP. Consider it Skyrim, but stripped down, redesigned and improved at almost every level.

        • Anonymous

          Mass effect gets more love because it’s sci-fi and sci-fi is much cooler than fantasy. 😀

          Also the main character in Mass effect actually has a voice. Having a mute main character in a modern day rpg (or game) is lame. I want to hear my character’s sexy, sexy voice damn it!

          • Fair enough. I am still okay with the silent protagonist in games. Sci-fi is cooler, I have to give y’all that too.

          • John

            Also at the end of the day, Kingdoms of Amalur was most definitely a smaller title and was a more niche thing all along. It’s a harder sell for sure. But hey, different strokes all the same. 

  • Anonymous

    If you remember correctly, EA’s Burnout paradise had several free dlcs as well. I’m sure that after the release of the extended “we should’ve had this in the original game” ending dlc for Mass effect 3 comes out that EA will set the universe right and start making Bioware charge for future dlcs.