The Future of Dragon Age Gets Brainstormed with the Help of Fans at PAX East

As BioWare sat at PAX East today, they didn’t find themselves short of fans who want to talk about the future of the Dragon Age games. Creative director, Mike Laidlaw, said they are taking the criticism to heart regarding the next installment.

More specifically, the criticism comes from Dragon Age 2 about reusing levels, not being able to change companion equipment and making important decisions. 

“We’re not making promises here, we’re talking about ideas,” he warned.

Laidlaw also hinted at slight changes in armor based on class and also the ability to customize pieces. He also stated that BioWare is looking into creating stronger effects on the world that are determined by player decisions that were made in previous games, giving them a little more attention.

It seems nearly universal that some of the major failing points in Dragon Age 2 were the recycled dungeons and the feeling of isolation. Even as a fan of the second game, I couldn’t help but feel like a hamster on a wheel. Once you saw one part of the Deep Roads, you saw it all.

“We’re looking for variety, space and scope.”

Concept art has been shown with hints that some of the new landscapes will be a little more ‘French.’


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  • Anonymous

    I liked Dragon Age II (don’t kill me Giuseppe!) but the repeated dungeons that were actually supposed to be different dungeons did grind my gears. I hope Bioware takes their sweet time with DAIII and don’t rush it like they obviously did with DAII.

    • Don’t worry, I’ve never been for definitive solutions. I prefer slow, painful torture 😀

      • Anonymous


    • We all might get spanked by Giuseppe for liking Dragon Age II 😀 I also hated most of the character designs as you might tell from my screenshot. Modded every companion I had. Not sure why BioWare loves to make receding hairlines on ‘young men’ or man-chins for the women…