Who is the First SkullGirls DLC Character?

SkullGirls will launch with only eight playable characters, but there are plans to add more down the line. Lead developer Mike Z has revealed in an interview today that the team is hard at work on the first DLC character.

Fans have knowledge of various characters that were intended to be in the final game but didn’t make the cut. This makes it hard to guess who the next character might be, though it is most likely Squiggly or Umbrella since they both appear in the game (notice that Double transforms into both of them during one of her supers).

Mike has given us a clue on who the character is. He says she is “The one everybody wants… unless you happen to be a person who wanted someone else”. This doesn’t really help, but I’m excited that DLC is well underway. The game itself will have a tiny price tag of just $15, so how much do you think they’ll charge for the DLC characters? Something to think about. SkullGirls will be available tomorrow for PSN and Wednesday for XBL.

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  • TheF***ingKing

    It was confirmed that Squiggly and Umbrella would be released first, I believe both at the same time.  I would assume that each character would be about a dollar.

  • I will wait on all the dlc characters to be released before I buy this game! Amazing demo though. Its better than what  CAPCOMS Street Fighter X Tekken dlc practice! 

  • Apeoverlord

    Will wait for retail release.

  • Guest975493024

    Why does it always have to cost extra money, it ruens a game when you buy it then have to pay extra

  • Hiraito

    I believe it is Squigly, because they are drawing her too much recently