New Final Fantasy XIV Trailer Introduces Garuda and a Contest

on April 13, 2012 1:00 PM

Square Enix published today a new trailer of Final Fantasy XIV itroducing the new Primal battle that will come with update 1.22: Garuda.

The trailer lets us know that players took about 75 hours to defeat Ifrit for the first time and little more than six to put down Good King Moggle Mog XII. It finally asks us to predict how long it will take to lay Garuda to rest.

The Garuda Trial forum-based contest requires players to post their prediction here (down to the minute) before April the 23rd, in order to win some spiffy in-game items.

A precise estimate will grant a Garuda weapon of choice, a Scarf of Wondrous Wit and five Vortex Headdresses, while 20 runners-up that didn’t quite get it but got near enough will get the same package minus the weapon.

The development team also left a couple comments for those that want to know more about the upcoming primal battle:

Hmm… this is tough since we’re still making our final balance adjustments… but I can tell you Garuda is going to be quite a bit stronger than Ifrit and Good King Moggle Mog XII!

The quests leading up to the primal battle will be shorter than the previous ones.

An active account is required to participate, since only active players can post on the forums. You can see the trailer below.

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2 responses to “New Final Fantasy XIV Trailer Introduces Garuda and a Contest”

  1. Dianna Lora says:

    I really want to try out the new FFXIV patches.  The game looks great!

  2. Megan says:

    It does still look great but I had to work around my lag issues with a mod meant for WoW (seriously). The game is still crazy good looking and they sped up combat/dumbed down crafting to make it actually playable lately.

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