Check Out SoulCalibur V’s Tekken DLC

on April 24, 2012 7:05 PM

A couple of new pieces of DLC for SoulCalibur V went on sale today. These are, of course, new sets of equipment to use in the game’s character creation mode. It seems likely at this point that this will be the only kind of DLC released for the game. The first set adds equipment modeled after characters from the Tekken series, including King’s famous mask and Jin’s hideous flame pants (which you’ll obviously need to whip up a convincing ‘Soul of Jin’ character).

Alongside the Tekken equipment set, you can also purchase the Modern Costumes set and the Ancient Armor set. The Modern set adds cool stuff like a flight attendant costume, and the Ancient Armor set adds well…armor. The Tekken and Modern Costume sets will cost $3 or 260 MSP each. The Ancient Armor set only costs 160 MSP or $2. Screens of all three can be seen behind the break. 


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