Street Fighter X Tekken Falls Short of Sales Expectations

Street Fighter IV is quite literally the best selling fighting game of this console generation. Tekken is largely considered to be the best selling fighting series of all time (only really contested by Street Fighter). This is why everyone, especially Capcom, expected sales for the crossover title Street Fighter X Tekken to be astronomical. Unfortunately, the game missed its sales mark by several hundreds of thousands of copies.

In a earnings report, Capcom has stated that Street Fighter X Tekken has so far only sold 1.4 million of the 2 million copies it was expected to sell.

It fell short of its goal by a whopping 600,000 units. While these figures may not be amazing, Street Fighter X Tekken will most likely continue to sell because of the excellent ongoing DLC support Capcom is providing. By the time the new characters have been out for a few months, I’m pretty sure they’ll have met their sales expectations. Even so, 1.4 million certainly doesn’t seem shabby.

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  • While I have nothing to support it, I just have to assume that people are expecting a Super or Ultimate SKU to be released. That’s a price they pay for playing that game with consumers.

  • Anonymous

    As a huge fan of SFIV, it pains me to say that Street Fighter X Tekken is really a poor game. Poorly balanced, broken and useless ‘gems’ system, and with way too many technical issues to be enjoyable. 

    This game was a test experiment for Darkstalkers, not an actual game that was meant to succeed.

  • Al

    Capcom is walking a slippery slope with its franchises lately. People are tiring of their antics and this could be a sign of things to come.