Next Round of Street Fighter X Tekken DLC Detailed

Still playing Street Fighter X Tekken? If so, Capcom has another huge batch of DLC on the way. As usual there will be a few pieces of free content, but most of it will cost you. For free we’ll be getting some more color palettes (you can really never have enough of those) and another load of gems, this time of the “trial boost” variety.

If you’re willing to spend a bit, you can purchase even more new gems and some new costumes for various characters at $1.50 or 80 MSP apiece. All of this content will be available on June 5th. You’ll also soon be able to buy all of the additional costumes in one big bundle for $20 or 1600 MSP, but I can hardly imagine a bigger waste of money.

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  • Jack

    The fact that the Vita version gets all of it for free is a huge slap in the face for early adopters or console owners.

    • Joel Taveras

      The Vita isn’t getting it all for free, it will however feature universal DLC, so anything that you purchased on the PS3 will be available on your Vita and vice versa.

      • Jack

        Really, well that might take the sting out of people a little bit.