E3 2012: ASTRO Gaming’s Aron Drayer Tells Us Why the A50 is Their Best Headset Yet

After getting some up close and personal face (and ear) time with the  new ASTRO Gaming A50 headset  at E3 last week, I was quickly reminded why folks hold the brand up to a higher standard. We decided to chat with marketing director Aron Drayer who pretty much broke down everything we needed to know about their latest set of cans.

No. More. Wires. That was probably the most important thing that I came away with from our conversation, but there’s so much more to this new headset. Check out the full interview below and don’t forget to check back for a full review in the coming weeks!

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  • Sifer2400

    Loved the interview cant believe  i forgot my e3 pass at the hotel and missed out on this cools stuffffffffffff deff getting the A50s