Sword Art Online Getting a PSP Game. Trailer Unveiled.

Despite the name Sword Art Online isn’t a MMORPG. It’s a quite interesting anime series (stemmed from a light novel) scheduled to debut in Japan next month.

The anime is about players of a MMORPG forced to clear it in order to be set free, but death in the game means the end of one’s life even in the real world. This same plot will extended to a tie-in JRPG titled Sword Art Online: Infinity Moment that will be released by Namco Bandai for the PSP.

Today the publisher unveiled the trailer of the game, that you can find below. Personally, I’m quite eager to check out the anime series. Hopefully it’ll be good and the game will be just as entertaining.

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  • r4 ds

    Most psp players will be dissatisfied to find the point that there are really not many sites which provide no cost psp activity downloading and those that do present a danger to your pc.

  • skylord22

    I think that it should be a pc game more likey and use this new system for virtual reality if it’s good because it wold make a good exprience and also just for psp would proabby piss some gamers and fans of the show off

  • stratos

    i love how the battle style is it really feels like you might be playing a pc game on psp and don`t judge just cuz it seems like it should be a pc game, gods eater burst looks like a pc game but it`s for the psp and it`s freaking awesome and i loved that it was exclusive for the psp if worst comes to worst i seriously hope they don`t bump it to the vita, then i would hate that.

  • martijn.verhullst@gmail.com

    hopefully thers a comany that smart enaf to see if they make an mmorpg of this that they will became rish an specally if they youse a real virtual realty helmet because the helmet already exsist. but wait proberly they will be stupid so somewhan has to need to make a petision for that to happen so pleas somewhan make a petision

  • fwowl@hotmail.nl

    no psp please make a pc or what martijn.verhullst@gmail.com said. i will spare for that helmet it cost 600 euro

  • John

    well, here’s some minor form of consolation, there are people who are working on things like this, simulated reality stuff. so, hopefully there will be a breakthrough soon. i want to play one of these before i get old.

  • Wyatt

    I agree