PS3 Version of Street Fighter 25th Anniversary Collector’s Set includes Four Additional Games

Back in May Capcom revealed the stuffed Street Fighter 25th Anniversary Collector’s Set. This $150 set will include multiple Street Fighter games, soundtracks, films and tons more SF goodness, detailed in full here. Capcom has revealed today that the PS3 version of the set will include significantly more content than the Xbox 360 version.

In addition to what has already been revealed, the PS3 version will also include Street Fighter Alpha, Street Fighter Alpha 2, and Street Fighter Alpha 3 as PSOne classics. Additionally, Street Fighter Alpha 3 Max and all Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike Online Edition DLC have been thrown in for good measure. To ice that cake, they’ve also included a whopping 175 different Street Fighter PSN avatars.

So, in summary, the PS3 version will include four more games, more DLC and even a truckload of free avatars compared to the Xbox 360 version. At this juncture, anyone who was considering grabbing this collection should definitely go for the PS3 version. If 360 is your only option, then there’s no denying that you’re getting short changed by comparison.

Street Fighter 25th Anniversary Collector’s Set goes on sale on September 18th.

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  • Al

    Sony flaunting their blu ray storage and how many things they can cram on to a disc. Lol.

    • Anonymous

      Nah. The alpha games probably won’t even be on the disk. You’ll have to download them from the psn store. Watch. lol

  • Anonymous

    This is an awful ‘collection’ iMO. SF X Tekken should not even be in there…

  • It will come with 4 additional games, but each game will ship with one character, the rest are locked to the disc and can be yours for the low, low, price of …. 

  • Anonymous


    Why are we getting the PSOne versions of the Alpha games? Those versions were the worst ones! We should get the arcade versions in this or at the very least the Sega Saturn versions. I’m glad that they fixed their mistake of not having any SF Alpha games in this collection but they’re putting the worst versions possible on it.

    I’ll pass on this. You fail again Capcom.