Why I’m Going to Trade-In My Vita for a Nexus 7

I can’t even begin to tell you how much I wanted to believe in the Vita. No really, just check some of my older posts and you’ll see. I really believed in the “dual stick” handheld future that Sony’s trying to push on all of us, and nothing pains me more than to say that I’ve pretty much giving up hope at this point and I’m moving on and trading it all in for a Nexus 7.

My colleagues at the site, have told me that I need to give the system “time to mature.” And you know what I say to that, especially after the poor showing the handheld had at E3 this year? F*ck that noise.

Here’s the thing. This concept that the Vita is meant to be your console experience on the go is somewhat of a sham. Sure, because of it’s two stick configuration it’s certainly the closest, scratch that, it’s the most familiar way to enjoy games since it parallels the experience you’ve become accustomed to at home. But outside of that, you’re looking at just another handheld, and from what we’ve seen so far, much of the same watered down experiences that we’ve become accustomed to with on-the-go experiences.

While “core” gamers waste their time complaining about “touch” gaming not being the same thing on mobile devices and handhelds, when you take the physical controls out of the equation, the mechanics are very much the same, regardless of the platform. If anything, every first and third party Vita title that I’ve played thus far has forced touch controls — in one way or another — on the player anyway. Sony makes it a point to show off the Vita as a “core” gamer device, yet most experiences currently available showcase otherwise.

So now with that out of the way, and the lines between the Vita and other mobile devices blurred,  why in my right mind would I continue to spend anything over $15 on games? The Nexus being an Android device gives me access to the Play Store, where not only are there 200,000 games available (I’ll admit, mostly of the shovelware variety) but then there’s also all of the other content consumption apps as well, most of which cost around 1/10th of the price of a Vita title.

Why I'm Going to Trade-In My Vita for a Nexus 7

Besides physical buttons (and first party favorites) what am I really giving up? I’m shifting to a device that has a quad core cpu and gpu with a faster clock speed and powered by NVidia. Sure, it only fits in your back pocket, but the Vita isn’t exactly the most pocketable device either. The Vita has a 5 inch 960×540 resolution OLED display, while the Nexus has a seven inch 1200×800 IPS panel and yet it manages three more hours of battery life than the handheld. The only concession being made here is the rear camera where the Nexus only has has a front facing shooter, but the Vita’s rear camera is so mediocre that it might as well not even have one.

E3 was where I really began to rethink my Vita purchase. The only two standout titles that were being spoken about were PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale and Black Ops 2: Declassified. Neither of which helped to instill me with a renewed faith in Sony’s handheld. If anything, it seemed like Wonderbook was a bigger priority for the company. I’m pretty sure they name dropped J.K. Rowling’s more times than the word Vita was said throughout the entire pre-show press conference.

Besides the reasons listed above, I think the biggest one is the initial value. Not only am I getting a device that does more than what the Vita can currently offer outside of gaming for the same price, but it ships with internal storage that I don’t need to pay extra for. Google also throws in $25 in Google Play tore credit to get you started. On top of that, any games I already own on my phone will simply download and work as soon as I sign in to my account.

No jumping through hoops and paying outrageous prices for titles and storage. No downloading older PSP games to my PS3 and then transferring. Just pick it up and go. That’s the convenience I need and want with a handheld device. And it’s what the Nexus 7 offers.

Will the Vita be good when it eventually matures like my colleagues tell me. Sure, I don’t see why not. I’m just not the type to sit around and wait for it to happen, nor am I willing to pay a premium price for what essentially is becoming (from the titles I’ve played thus far) a casual experience with buttons. A while back I wrote an editorial title, “Everyone Relax, The Vita is Not Just Good, It’s Going To Be Great”, if only I can go back add to it “…as Long as it Isn’t Abandoned” it would probably be a bit more accurate. Now if you’ll please excuse me, I have a date with the clerk at GameStop.

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  • Whoa Joel. Giving up your Vita? That’s a hell of a statement coming from you. Let us know how it goes with your Nexus!

    • He’ll give that up for gaming in one month. 

      • I don’t know, I have a list of games I didn’t pick up on the iPad because it was just too damn big to hold. 7 inches should be better. That’s what she said?

  • Good for you. Vita should have Android anyway with a SONY story. Hope the PS4 people are listening.

    • It’s the other way around though. Sony has PlayStation stores/apps on Android devices, for instance, PlayStation Mobile which will be integrated both on Vita and Droid. 

    • ahahhhahahah

  • is this guy an idiot?

    controls matter to games

    specs dont

    you dont play gravity rush?

    you dont want to play ragnarok odessy?

    • If specs don’t matter then why is Sony constantly positioning them when drawing comparisons to the 3DS?

      • When was the last time they did that? when it was launching and they were looking for any kind of edge?

        Your picking babies first games

      • Specs DO matter, but all the power in the world can’t help a device with inadequate controls. Your Nexus will be best at games like Angry Birds; it won’t be very effective for Call of Duty or Assassin’s Creed. Why? Because it lacks the proper controls. 

        And while there ARE peripherals you can buy for some tablets to give them physical controls, the fact that it’s something extra to buy SHOULD be a minus. 

        But I don’t know why I’m bothering to respond. The article clearly shows you had no intention of giving the system a chance; it’s pure ignorance on your part to say it had a “poor showing” at E3, given there were 20+ games on the show floor. It’s got a current library of about 40 games, and if you think all the games are “watered down” console experiences, you should probably seek a new hobby.

        • specs dont matter

  • John

    I dunno if I’m ready to take the leap to a tablet yet, but I’m about to get rid of my Vita as well. I was excited and bought into the hype but since launch I can’t bring myself to buy any of the expensive games when I could get a similar (better) experience on a console or my computer for the same price or less. 

    The most expensive paper weight I’ve ever bought. 

  • WEL

    This piece reminds me to the gazillion of articles written (by mostly American haters) in the early days about the PS3 having no games and doing so poor that Sony would be forced to drop it. Well, of-course it had no games, the console just came out and the Xbox has been for a whole year in the wild with no competition at all. Now we are seeing the same situation with the Vita and 3DS.

    Sony will not abandon the Vita that easily but developing games take time (unless we are talking about crappy indie games) and Nexus 7 is not even a gaming device, it’s just another freaking tablet. Good luck there trying to play those games on a flat piece of glass with no buttons and bad ergonomics.

    • people forget because they are stupid

      • ArcAngel07

        Only Americans Are Stupid!!!

        • MikaNines

          When did fanboyism turn into hating a entire nation of people?  It’s commonly known that the ‘educated’ members of a populous are not the most vocal.  Typically the ones who stand up over a issue are the ones who are ill informed, or driven by something other than the issue at hand.  We will refer to these individuals as the “stupid people”.  

          So keep to the topic at hand, otherwise perhaps your assessment of Americans is revealed as just your way of taking the heat off yourself for your own unenlightened mind.  

    • Guest

      PS3 is still the LAST PLACE STATION! It might sell well, but the whole thing is losing Sony A LOT of money.

      • Killinrod

        Sony is making money off of the PS3 hardware and has been for some time now.  Do some research before you start mouthing off.  Its the other divisions that have been hemoraging money.  Clown.

        • Robin

          Yeah, that is why their entertainment division posted massive losses this year. They may be selling even, but not at a profit. PS3 has been an R&D fiasco that may cost them the company as nobody makes use of Cell Technology as it has way too many problems. Good luck with that Pauperfanboy!

          • Tre

            People posting without doing research. Sonys loss came nowhere from its gaming division. It was their televisions being over priced and failing next to the competition and their entertainment hardware 

          • 1.8 Billlion of it 7+ billion loss came from gaming. Just an FYI.

        • liquor then banger

          You idiot. Sony reported a 3.4 billion dollar loss. What are you smoking? 

          • Scsienator

            He is smoking cigaretes…but you are smoking weed apperently! 

            Sony is not making loss on Playstation you idiot but on other segments! 

            Read before posting such stupidity!

            Hirai statment on 12.05.2012

            “Hirai commented at the time that the company’s PS3, Vita and peripheral sales were “generating steady profit”.”

            The loss is on Tv’s and other Hi-fi stuff!

          • Jspillen

            The biggest part of their loss is actually the accounting of tax credits from the US.  Now they’re not doing enough US business to get all these tax credits… but that money was not actually lost. 

      • MartinB105

        Last place in what sense?  PS3 has a larger overall install-base than the 360 due to the massive RROD problems wiping out a lot of the older 360 machines.

  • Jessemcs22

    Gaming on a phone will never be as good as a dedicated gaming handheld such as the vita or 3ds. Thanks to physical buttons and the amount of depth the games have as compared to games on phones. Some prefer fun little games you could play for a couple minutes here and there on phones. However if you bought a vita in the first place you knew what to expect its a gaming device there is a reason the games are expensive depth and content. The vita is a magnificent device and why complain about some games have touch only features while gaming on a smartphone offers only that. That is why games are created differently and are made cheap or even free there built around the phones touch screen which is extremely limited at providing console like games such as shooters due to lack of buttons it just isn’t the same. To use a phone as an alternative to the vita is ridiculous Not to mention the 3ds had a rough launch if your so hopeless I guess that’s your loss.

    • there isnt 1 mobile game deeper than anything on the original gameboy

    • Good thing the article is about a tablet and not a phone right.

      • MartinB105

        Gaming on a tablet will never be as good as a dedicated gaming handheld
        such as the vita or 3ds. Thanks to physical buttons and the amount of
        depth the games have as compared to games on tablets. Some prefer fun
        little games you could play for a couple minutes here and there on tablets . However if you bought a vita in the first place you knew what to
        expect its a gaming device there is a reason the games are expensive
        depth and content. The vita is a magnificent device and why complain
        about some games have touch only features while gaming on a tablet offers only that. That is why games are created differently and are made
        cheap or even free there built around the tablets touch screen which is
        extremely limited at providing console like games such as shooters due
        to lack of buttons it just isn’t the same. To use a tablet as an
        alternative to the vita is ridiculous Not to mention the 3ds had a rough
        launch if your so hopeless I guess that’s your loss.

  • Well, everyone is free do to as they please. 

    Must have been the first system he purchased around launch though. That, or he has short term memory. 

    I’ll keep my Vita. I’m getting a Nexus 7 as well though. I pre-ordered it the day it was shown at I/O. I’ll likely enjoy the heck out of both. 

    • In all honesty, I think I’ve purchased every console that has come out since 1992 either at launch or during the initial window, minus the N64. I’m aware of the woes that come with early adoption, but a handheld device cannot be held to the same standard as a console, not in a time where so many other mobile (and more portable and affordable devices) available offer comparable experiences as better prices. 

      • Anonymous

        What other mobile device offer comparable experiences as a Vita or 3DS? Just a question cause I don’t know of any other handheld dedicated to gaming like them.

        • Al

          The Neo geo pocket. Lol

  • Kazzy

    $ony saints should STOP praising “playstation this” or “playstation that” arrogant kind of articles. Sony isn’t going to jump in front of a bullet to save you, so why not just play what you like without attacking other gamers and stop sucking the giant mega dicks of the corporate. All they do is sit around all day and figure out better ways to separate you from your money (sadly you take their hyping business like a bible). There’s no need to defend them, or take it personally because someone else has a negative take on $ony. Unless your playstation nuts can **print money** then that’s the bestest gaming device ever. It’s all about multiplatorm ERA nowadays so everybody can enjoy it (read: developers and gamers happy), not limited to one greedy corporate who baits/poisons you with ‘exclusive’ tactics for a single platform. Any shape of monopoly is bad for the industry. Grow up, girls!

    • Killinrod

      Exclusives are more innovative than most other games because they have more capital behind them.  If every platform were the same then there would be nothing to push developers to innovate and create amazing experiences.  There will always be exclusives. 

  • Just like any system,It’s best to just wait a year or so then pick up the system and ull have a nice lil backlog of games to play..Having said that,I own a vita and still need to play gravity rush some more 😛

  • “Besides physical buttons (and first party favorites) what am I really giving up?” Call my crazy, but I consider buttons fairly important when it comes to gaming. Seriously people, if you’re a gamer and want to play something other than angry birds don’t even bother with these stupid comparisons. 

    • Al

      That’s funny because buttons were pushed to the way side when motion controls were the cool thing and people jumped all over that. Buttons and a controller aren’t as important anymore.

      • MartinB105

        Motion controls were never the cool thing outside of casual gamers.  Check your history:  Core gamers have always wanted buttons and it’s for this reason that the Vita and other dedicated handheld gaming devices have a long and healthy future ahead of them.

        • You do realize that “core” gamers are the smallest sect of all gaming right?

          • So what?  Even if the market is relatively small, that doesn’t mean it’s going to disappear.  Radio didn’t kill newspapers and TV didn’t kill radio.

            Core gamers go where the best games are, and the best portable games are certainly not on tablets by any stretch of the imagination, and without buttons, they never will be.

  • Leodiofla

    What this guy knows about games? Oh okay, he’s an expert on Angry Birds. Okay. Go on an sell your Vita. I’ll keep my because i like to play Ninja Gaiden, Uncharted, Virtua Tennis. Answer me a question: How do you imagine you could play a game such Ninja Gaiden in a tablet?

    • You just brought Ninja Gaiden into this discussion. We need to really reevaluate who knows what about games around here.

  • Ted

    I’m sick of seeing these articles. Have fun with that tablet that will be outdated in month. I’m going to be having tons of with Borderlands 2, Assassins creed, Bioshock, Call of Duty, PlayStation All Stars Battle Royal, Need For Speed: Most Wanted, Spy Hunter, and Gravity Rush. Stop being such a fanboy and stop writing articles that other people have written a million times.

    • You DO know that Borderlands 2 was never confirmed for the Vita and actually just this last week Gearbox CEO Randy Pitchford was quoted saying that he’d love another studio to come in and port the game but as of right now there’s nothing going on.

      BioShock is still only a thought according to Ken Levine.

      Assassin’s Creed and Call of Duty are both watered down handheld versions of their console brethren.

      Also, what am I being a fanboy of exactly?

      • Guest

        PauperStation fanboys are idiots. Ignore them! Sony will soon be dead and they will hopefully all commit suicide.

      • MartinB105

         “Assassin’s Creed and Call of Duty are both watered down handheld versions of their console brethren.”

        They’re new games, not ports of the console versions.

  • Funny how many people are butt hurt about one man’s opinion. I might forego gaming period and just follow DS comments.

    • Al

      I highly recommend it, the comments are always the place to be. It’s like doing toad. Lol

  • Anonymous

    Looks like you kicked a hornet’s nest Joel. I love it!

    Anyway, despite the fact that the Vita has next to no games for it that I care about, I’d still rather game on it then a tablet. At the end of the day, controls are what matter most and the Vita has proper controls. Yes the games out now for it have touch controls too but I predict that Sony will stop making devs implement this feature eventually. Remember how early PS3 games all had six axis controls? That didn’t last long did it? Touch controls on the Vita will go down the same route I think. With the touch control gimmick out of the way, devs will focus on making trully great games for the Vita.

    Maybe it’s just me but I do not like touch controls. You have to put your hand over the screen, thereby obscuring your vision of the game. That’s never a good thing. And of course the worst thing about touch controls is how imprecise they are. Whenever I’ve played Angry birds or Infinity blade (I have both on my ipod touch), sometimes the swipe controls work, sometimes they don’t. That’s something that’s unacceptable. With real controls, you press a button and something happens everytime.

    Anyway I hope you get more joy out of that tablet than you did the Vita Joel. I’m not going to get either myself since none have anything to offer but if I HAD to make a choice I’d go with the Vita over a tablet any time.

  • Anonymous

    Nexus doesn’t have dual analogs and buttons.

  • Anonymous

    I think this guy should of never got a Vita in the first place. He sounded like he wanted a tablet and not a true gaming device. I got a phone that could do all that stuff he listed but trust me it can not play games like the Vita can. I can wait for games cause there is plenty on it already. If there is no games on it that he didn’t want play, why buy it in the first place? 

  • Henry_Swanson

    So, you’re kind of a moron and are probably totally unaware of that. Please enamor us with more useless information that completely misses the point. And you underline it by going to Gamestop to get absolutely no return on investment. Another site I never have to bother visiting again, thanks.

  • Johnb

    Hey were all allowed our opinions I personally wanted to toss my iphone to the pavement when trying to play gta hd on it. As well as some shooters. I never want to use all touch screen. I think the vita will take off after this holiday, however I do agree that as of late the games are not to much to cheer for, with the exception of metal gear hd and unit 13. As for the 3ds I bought it for zelda and starfoxand now it just sits there gathering dust. And sorry man but I don’t agree cod and assasins are watered down. I think cod in general is the same thing every year like madden. Hopefully vita takes off but I dont believe  a touch screen device is the wave of future gaming. If anything id like to see pc make a come back. For the record I own ps3 360 and pc, as well as vita and 3ds. So i hope i come across unbiased because I am….But PC does own

    • Johnb

      Are not watered down i ment

  • Anonymous

    Oh come on, tell me just one game on android that’s close to mgs collection, uncharted, gravity rush, rayman origins, wipeout, mortal kombat etc., and in two or three months we will be playing little big planet, street fighter x tekken, assasins creed, call of duty, etc. I have an optimus 3d, which is quite capable for playing games, and have tried all gameloft games, dead space, dead trigger, shadowgun, and in comparison even Resistance Burning Skies is like the Godfather. You want to troll about the Vita, fine, but to compare it to mobile gaming is ridiculous in terms of gaming, and you know what, hardcore games are expensive because they are harder to make, if you want to shoot birds against pigs, then you’re gold. 

  • Anonymous

    Are you an idiot? Only an idiot would give up on a new system this soon. All gaming systems need time to get new games.

  • Guest

    Excellent choice author! The Vita is simply dead, not alive as its stupid dumbass name would suggest (who came up with that crappy name anyway?). Soon $ony will be dead too. Look at their stock for crying out loud (they’ve hit a new LOW LOW today). The entire company can be bought for only 7% of what they were worth 12 years ago, hell MS could buy them out with only a half a year worth of profit (but they’d be stuck with all the crappy units as well and there are a lot of them at Sony).

    • Kanachoto

      Lol you are funny

  • OmegaPrime12

    He is comparing a brand new dedicated gaming handheld to an Android tablet.He complains about the Vita having shovelware, and so he trades it for an Android which has 100% shovelware.

  • Orionsaint

     It’s over for the VITA. Sony never should have got into the handheld business. The audience was never really there. Obviously the ones who love handhelds bought the PSP and will defend and praise Sony handheld systems forever. I’ll of course get responses touting sales numbers.

    Anything can sell a lot and make a company a lot of money. Look at the Wii, but how many Wii owners really used the Wii? Most Wii owners had their Wii collecting dust. While they played 360 & PS3. When Skyward Sword came out. The most common post from gamers online was, “time to dust off my Wii” It wasn’t just for that game either. Time and time again I read that comment online. What does that tell you? The reality is the PSP never caught on and neither will the VITA. Just stick to making consoles Sony. The future of handhelds is phone/tablet app gaming.

    The times are changing kids. Either you get on board or get left behind. If you refuse to go along. Chances are you’ll become one of those guys that runs a retro-gaming youtube channel and talks about how gaming used to be better in your day.

    • @Serataru

      This comment couldn’t have been more correct

  • Why I’m NOT Going to Trade-In my Vita for a Nexus 7. BECAUSE ITS A FU***** TABLET WITH SH** CONTROLS FOR PLAYING GAMES!

  • Killinrod

    You have got to be kidding me.  You obviously are not a gamer.  Go and get your android devices and play your 1$ games till your hearts content.  We “the industry” will not miss you.  Trust me.  The PS Vita has some amazing games and experiences on the way.  Assassins Creed 3, Black Ops Declassified, Gravity Rush, Persona 4 the Golden, I am just metioning the few that I know.  Tokyo Game Show and gamescom will reveal some more.  This system hasn’t even gotten started on content.  But you like so many have written it off.  Please return it as soon as you can.  enjoy you nexus.  And good riddens.

  • Robin

    PlayStation is a HAS BEEN brand! Sony never gets it and never goes with the times, that’s why they are going down the drain financially as customers know that Sony is no longer a driving force in the industry and buy its products less and less.

  • what a stupid bastard

  • Schobeleth

    Another “Vita is doomed” editorial, aka another flamebait article, yawn. How big was Google’s moneyhat for this Nexus 7 piece? The Vita hasn’t even been out for a year yet and people are already crying DOOOMED!!! DOOOOOOOOOOOOMED!! from the rooftops.

    You’re comparing a tablet with app store games to a dedicated handheld – as a gamer, you should be ashamed. Sure, there are some genuinely fun app store games there but the majority are, as you said, “shovelware”. Sure the non-gaming apps may be plentiful but this piece is just stupid.

    With this mentality, you should just wait for whenever they can make tablets running Windows not pieces of garbage and just pretend you’re carrying around an even smaller laptop.

  • Howiewowwee

    I have a feeling a few months or so from now you will be trading in your NEXUS for something else.
    With all due respect, I think someone like you will never be content. You have an neuro-synaptic rush in the beginning when a new gizmo arrives and then when that rush wears off you become discontent looking for something else ; a new rush.
    I don’t see how anyone on a gaming perspective could compare Sony’s past and present library of games to any android device. Try buying the JXS maybe you will be happier?

    • Anonymous

      Indeed, while I love the idea of gaming on Android, right now I don’t think that Android’s delivering quite enough quite yet. That said, I think that Android gaming has massive *POTENTIAL* to be the future, but only if:

      A. Developers start delivering bigger experiences for smaller screens.

      B. Consumers actually support those efforts.

      • Anonymous

        In a environment where people are not willing to spend more then 99 cents, what makes you thing consumers will support these games. Example of this is all the Final Fantasy releases that I believe are priced too high for mobile. Console experience require prices that mobile consumers do not want to pay and then they would get lost in all the shovelware. From a AAA standpoint mobile is not a viable option for the costs of development.

        • Anonymous

           And therein lies one of the problems- it’s not that we can’t have AAA experiences on mobile devices- it’s just that people need to recognize that these experiences can exist if they’re willing to support them with their wallets. Last time I checked, the Final Fantasy re-releases were overpriced for *ANY* digital platform IMHO, and yet the Android re-release of FFIII has, thus far, made around a million dollars. It’s not that gaming on Android can’t succeed- I think that gaming on Android’s a lot like gaming on PC was in its early days. I just think that maybe Android gaming could use a bit of a kick, a way to keep awesome stuff from getting buried from shovelware and a way to make sure that people realize that there are experiences worth paying for.

          • Anonymous

            But most companies do not make their best profits on the PC. The sell large numbers on home consoles. So comparing Android to PC means that its market share for AAA sales is significantly smaller unless they get Blizzard on the platform with knockout games. Plus I used FF as an example for price but imagine now we are talking about AAA budgets compared to a port budget. The cost to develop AAA games alone has gotten out of hand that selling millions of units is not enough anymore. With a dedicated game system the focus becomes on the games. So it is something to consider. But only time will tell how this all plays out especially since this all began with an article about a system only 4 months old like the 3DS and look how well that moves now. Time provides all answers.

      • Anonymous

        C. Google does something to counter the rampant piracy.

  • J_hernandez80

    i’ve said it from the beginning… Sony needed to put android on the Vita off the bat… that way people can also use it as a tablet with all the good apps and games… it would have been the cheapest most powerful tablet out there…. lets face it… no one wants to carry 2 or 3 devices around  all the time…. sony is just too paranoid and closed with their hardware and software… they also promised the ability to remote play your ps3 games with your vita… which is absolutely possible if you look at all the youtube videos of hacked ps3 consoles running games on vita… sony needs to take a look at whats happening with the OUYA machine and realize that being an open console is what people want… something that lets them download hundreds of apps for cheap like in the android store… not $50 games that are mediocre and overpriced… you can still have your AAA games at a higher price.. like $30 but also allow us to download the $1 angry birds and cut the rope type games!!!! Are you listening SONY!?!??!

  • George

    People that fell for Sony’s BS again with the Vita are pathetic to begin with. Sony equals overhype and underdeliver.

  • I actually did the same thing, traded in my Vita towards a pre-order of the Nexus 7. Problem with the Vita is the price point, in my opinion. You cant have this handheld cost as much as the playstation and its games be similarly priced. Not for something that is just suppose to be on the go. Nexus 7 will give cheaper games, more functionality and less of a hassle than the vita will. Even the DS has a calender on it….to me the Vita should have been an Android device that was Playstation Certified with the same hardware, and access to all the same Android games and just have a playstation suite, much like how Tegra has their Tegra Zone Portal

  • Anonymous

    Tablets have about 100ms of lag for the touch screen display that’s why it sucks as a core game device.  Sure you have some cool games, but when every move takes you 100ms just to input it to the system it makes the level of gaming much simpler than consoles.

  • CJRivera

    Sadly the Vita is 5 years too late. Apple has single handedly destroyed the handheld game market and what are they doing it with? Back to basics gaming. Simple fun side scrolling games, and when makers like Sega and EA join in and release classics or their own variation of their best titled series and they look extremely polished. Android games will hopefully get to that level but Android still has a lot of problems when it comes to its allocation of RAM and the inability to shut down programs easily like Apple does. When Android improves its task managing and RAM usage then it will truly be able to make quality games that simply wont destroy your battery life. But the handheld market is now in the firm control of Apple and Android. The next victim will be Nintendo because they will realize that with the iPhone and Android devices they dont have the money to develop hardware all they need to do is make their strength, easy to learn, fun to play, hours of fun games. Imagine being on a train with your friends you can set up a game between them with a 4G connected version of Mario Party? Best train ride in History. 

  • PSyguy06

     I think the vita will do good, give it some time. It doesn’t have a whole lot of games right now but i am sure it will have great titles. You see, it is very difficult to play almost any games with a touch screen except for angry bird type games. Just try to enjoy gta3 on iphone… impossible. The vita will bring great AAA games we see on consoles. Borderland 2 will be coming out on the vita and i don’t know but it sounds good to me. I dont actually own a vita at the moment but in a few months i wont mind playing  some hardcore call of duty multiplayer and battlefield with great control anywhere i want. Think about it guys and gals.

  • Anonymous

    Source please 😀

  • Anonymous

    So hostile. Also you shouldn’t wish harm on anyone or a company. Karma cares not for this. Just enjoy the games you enjoy while others enjoy the games they enjoy. Sony has good games, Microsoft has halo and gears, and Nintendo covers the kids and nostalgia. Play games not hate.

  • Tonisha Adamson

    You’re an idiot.

  • Anonymous

    I mostly agree with you but there’s some things I should correct:

    “I’m shifting to a device that has a quad core cpu and gpu with a faster clock speed and powered by NVidia.”

    While it probably has more number crunching power, very few games can take advantage of four cores – mostly the web browser and other non-game things.  What you should really be thinking about is that GPU, which any benchmark will tell you is about 1/3 to 1/2 as powerful as the one in the iPhone 4S, which is a close relative to the one in your Vita.

    As you mentioned, the N7 has a higher resolution screen than the Vita, which further reduces the GPU’s potential for gaming.

    “it manages three more hours of battery life than the handheld” 

    Google quotes 9 hours of screen-on time, I believe.  This is for video playback, which uses a special part of the processor designed exclusively for video decoding, thereby allowing the rest of the CPU/GPU to sleep.  This leads to tremendous battery life gains.  No reviews I’ve seen so far mention battery performance when gaming or even when using apps.

    Since the screen tends to be (by far) the biggest battery hog though, you’re probably correct in saying that the N7 will have at least as good battery life as the Vita while playing games.

    “The Nexus being an Android device gives me access to the Play Store, where not only are there 200,000 games available (I’ll admit, mostly of the shovelware variety)”

    “Mostly shovelware” is the exaggeration of the century.  There are perhaps 10 console-quality Android games.  I know this from experience, as I’m a huge fan of Android despite what you might think at this point of my comment.  While lots of those games are free or as little as one to five dollars, Final Fantasy III for example is $15.  Fortunately it’s the most expensive one I’ve seen.


    In summary, I hope you enjoy your N7, I’ll be enjoying mine whenever it eventually arrives.  I hope you don’t have your expectations too high though because the game situation isn’t exactly peachy yet.  It’s leaps and bounds better than this time last year, but there’s still a lot of progress to be made.

  • Anon

    Trying to get more views on Dualshockers or something? Just 5 months and you’re giving up on this system? Takes the cake for the stupidest article on here yet.

  • Funny

    Consoles and Handhelds sooner or later will report some sort of lost being there are the most used around the world. Tablets gets old after one year so jumping from console to handheld to a tablet is kind of a stupid idea. Games take time to develope so stop being a little cry baby and just wait.