Subscribe to PlayStation Plus? Get The Walking Dead Episodes 1 & 2 for Free

If you’re one who thinks PlayStation Plus is a pretty good deal…I won’t judge, because I am, too. As of late there’s been a lot of great titles given away for free, including full-fledged PS3 titles like LittleBigPlanet 2 and inFamous 2.

Now comes another huge offering on the service, assuming you’re subscribed. Sony is offering The Walking Dead, Episodes 1 & 2 for free starting with the August 7th PSN update. These episodes retail for $4.99 each if you aren’t a subscriber, so that’s a pretty good deal. I wouldn’t say go out and subscribe just for those games, but if you already are, hey, why not add them to your download queue?

Sony also detailed more PlayStation Plus content coming up in a recent post on their blog, so if The Walking Dead isn’t your thing, perhaps you’ll find something there that is.

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  • I’m officially convinced that PlayStation Plus is better than Xbox Live. This is a hell of a offering. Those games are amazing.

  • Al

    PSN Plus is making me want to cancel my Xbox Live especially since mine RRoD. But yes Walking Dead for free! Giggity.

  • Seems like they pay attention to what their subscribers do on PSN in order to create free stuff. This is  yet another circumstance where I already paid money for what they are giving me. I do find gems in the junk they shower my account with every month, but it would be nice to get a free day one game more often.