TERA Merges Servers, Announces New Events and Content Updates

on September 3, 2012 3:41 PM

En Masse Entertainment announced today that the company will merge several servers of TERA in order to consolidate the population on September the 18th.

All the PvE servers will be merged together, and the same will happen to the PvP servers. Names for the resulting servers  are still pending. The RP-PvE Server Celestial Hills (on which I happen to play, if you want to come and say hi) will remain on its own and keep its Roleplay ruleset. A detailed FAQ can be found here.

En masse also announced that the merging operation will make community events featuring direct developer interaction possible. Those will start by the end of September. October will feature Halloween-themed events and November will see an official battleground tournament. A winter-themed event will see 2012 off in December. The publisher also promised content updates to come throughout the fall.


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