Baldur’s Gate: Enhanced Edition Could Get a Linux Version

on September 8, 2012 12:37 PM

Baldur’s Gate: Enhanced Edition is going to be quite a nostalgic treat for those that will soon play it on PC, Mac, iPad and Android devices, but what about those that like to play their games on Linux?

They might be in luck as well, as today Creative Director Trent Oster shared a rather juicy piece of info on his twitter account:

I’m waiting on a review of the legal for a Linux version

While that’s not exactly an official announcement of a release of a Linux version of the classic game, it definitely tells us that it’s part of Overhaul Games’ plans. Might want to start ordering the Champagne, Linux users.

As for me, since the release date of the PC version (September the 18th) is drawing near, I’m going to dig out my AD&D 2nd Edition manuals… Who am I kidding? I never shelved them. It’s still the best Dungeons & Dragons, by far.

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