Today Is the Last Chance to Witness the End of Final Fantasy XIV

On Final Fantasy XIV the sky is falling. Quite literally. The smaller moon Dalamud is plunging towards Eorzea at an alarming rate and apparently Bruce Willis is too busy to fly up with a team of rugged drillers and save the day.

Luckily this is also one of those rare times in which the end of the world has the potential to be a very good thing, paving the way to the release of the revamped Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn, featuring a completely rebuilt world, UI, battle system and a lot of new features, in addition to a brand new PS3 version.

That said, the game has evolved and improved a lot during the past couple of years, and players that left the shores of Eorzea long ago may want to check out the old before experiencing the new, and to unlock those achievements that won’t be available anymore with A Realm Reborn.

Those players need to hurry, as tonight at 11.59 Pacific Time is the deadline to reactivate any account (or to create new ones) before Dalamud inevitably crashes into our faces. After the deadline no further billing operation will be carried out, and dead accounts will remain so until the re-release of the game.

From tomorrow on players will have a month and a few days to enjoy Eorzea as it is. On November the 1st time will stop, with the last database save. All previous character progression will be carried over to A Realm Reborn, while everything happening afterwards will be lost due to the impact on November the 11th when the servers will be closed and a new Letter from the Producer Live with Naoki Yoshida will be broadcast.

Personally, I’ve been back in the game for a while, enjoying the new features and the possibility to get more progression that will be carried over to A Realm Reborn. Moreover, who in his right mind would miss the chance to have a Meteor Party? Witnessing the end of a world isn’t something that happens often, even in MMORPGs.

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  • Wow this sounds awesome.

  • This does sound very cool and makes me want to join the MMO just so I can participate… hmm. I will ponder this further.

  • If you never played FFXIV, you should it’s the last day before the original FFXIV is gone, It’s not the best MMO by a longshot but It’s still very good, If you’re a Final Fantasy fan, do it, You won’t regret it. The game has been fixed and has come a long way since Beta back in 2010. And it’s even gonna get better in A Realm reborn. Be part of something that you won’t see ever again! See you in Eorzea.

    • Marando

      I’m all for calling it “improved”, since it’s hard not to be with the kind of launch this thing had. But I can’t sit here in good conscious and let you call it “very good”. It is easily the worst MMO ever made, and all people should be hoping for is a final glimpse before a new beginning.

      • You must have not played the game anywhere recently. Mind you, “the worst MMORPG ever made”, even referred to launch conditions is such a gross hyperbole that it honestly sounds a tad silly.

      • LOL dude, have you even played the game beyond the first few months it was released? you don’t know what you are talking about Bandwagon Hater
        (Most FF detractors these days are Bandwagon Haters because they suffer from un removeable Nostalgia goggles)

  • Guest

    Get ready for a big f-ed game with the PoS3 players joining in. What a farce!

    • Yeah, no. People said the same stuff in FFXI. First it was when NA players joined, then PS2, and 360 players; and what happened? Nothing, the game thrived and the community grew.

      • And is still thriving, mind you. I think I just spotted an irrational hater 😀

  • UGH!!! I missed it! I wanted to come back and try to do as much as I could before the world ends!

    RIP FFXIV 1.0! I will miss many parts of you!

    I hope don’t remove how gathering is done in 1.0 in ARR. Gathering in FFXIV 1.0 by far is my favorite method of gathering materials ever in any RPG of any kind.

  • I’m so sorry I missed this!! ARRRG!! I played a little of v1.0 and loved it but just didn’t have a powerful enough computer. Im excited for it to come to the PS3

  • when will the reactivate the servers? and release “A realm Reborn”? cause I’ve been gone for awhile and tried to reactivate my account and it won’t let me fully reactivate my account and i hope i wont have to start all over when ARR comes out

    • from what we know, closed beta should begin between january and february. They promised to post an updated roadmap any day now.