Borderlands 2 Golden Keys Find a New Home On Official Gearbox Twitter Feed

Heads up, Vault Hunters. Borderlands players who normally check CEO Randy Pitchford’s twitter for golden keys will want to check the official Gearbox twitter instead. Gearbox has spent the last few weeks testing their SHiFT system by handing out keys to all three platforms. It was originally limited to a specific number of people, but they have since changed over to a time-sensitive format, with each code working for two hours.

The tests seem to be over, as the official Gearbox twitter today announced that they will be the new home for golden key codes. The first code will land today at 6PM CDT and last for three hours. They will be giving out codes at different times to appeal to different time zones/regions. Either way, just change your notifications on twitter to update you when Gearbox updates.

Gearbox Twitter Feed

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  • Abigail Holec

    Thanks for the head’s up! Time for loot. 😀

  • Jihad

    Wouldn’t be better if you had a link for their twitter account?

    many thanks.

  • Dianna Lora

    Here is a link to their Twitter account!

    • Paul-Anthony LaCen

      Thanks, Dianna. I updated the article as well.