Sword Art Online: Infinity Moment Gets a New Trailer

Sword Art Online is taking the Anime world by storm, but if you follow our site you probably already know that there’s also a PSP JRPG in development at Namco Bandai.

Today the publisher released a new trailer of the game, giving us a glimpse on both cutscenes and gameplay.

While the logic behind turning an Anime based on a fictional MMORPG into a single player RPG on the PSP escapes me, the game looks definitely pretty, even if, unfortunately, the chances to ever see it localized in English are absolutely slim.

You can find some comfort (or further chagrin) in watching the trailer below.

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  • SAOmaster

    aww is it gona be command picking like final fantasy :((

    • DazeDavison001

      This game my have the story line down but other than that its not SAO stander. One because SAO Is fast, everything happens in a split moment, the monsters didn’t just sit there and wait to be attacked, the monsters had the same penalty as the players. Two Kirito had no other weapons other than the duel swords in SAO and the Thick black sword in FTO so don’t ever try to give him a Ax under any circumstances Three you could have had the fighting moments/ area like Final Fantasy Dissidia had there’s, that would really be PERFECT for SAO Four well I could go on but no ones probably going to even read this so why bother…
      Good idea tho trying to make SAO
      Facebook name: Daze Davison (I have glasses with a kangol hat on)