MechWarrior Online Open Beta Will Begin Next Week

MechWarrior Online has been in closed beta for a while, but now it’s time to get down to business, as Piranha Games finally announced with a press release the beginning of the open beta.

The next phase of the test, that will be open to everyone, will begin on Tuesday, October the 16th, while the Founders Program (that provided quite a few perks and access to the closed beta) will be officially discontinued on the 14th.

Russ Bullock, president of Piranha Games (that I recently interviewed here) commented:

We would like to extend our deepest gratitude to all of the fans over the course of our closed beta period. The amazing fans and the high quality feedback given to our team have helped us craft MechWarrior Online into a true MechWarrior gameplay experience. We’re more than excited to open up the game and look forward to continuing to expand the InnerSphere with our loyal fans.

Having played the closed beta for a while, I can definitely say that the game has great potential to be what MechWarrior fans craved for a decade, so I’ll be very much ready to welcome all the new targets that will come get some next week. My Gauss cannon is definitely ready for you guys.

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  • Seezthruthebs

    HAH! A true mechwarrior experience?!? If you call 9 mechs 4 maps and 1 game mode a “true” experience then this is the game for you. Good ol’ Russ Bullock, what will he say next.

    • There will be more to come… dude, chill.

    • seesbettrdandisguy

      lol there will be more genius. there is a reason it’s called cloesd/open BETA

      • Whiteknightsareblind

        yeah more of the same old crap that PGI has put out for years.

    • kyrja

      You’re right, they’re never going to release anymore content other than this. That’s why it’s in beta, it’s a finished product.

      You are not very smart.

  • Tice Daurus

    Ok I see nowhere in which Russ says the 16th.

    • It was in the press release that included that comment.

  • The announcement by Russ and Garth on the MWO site never states a date for Open Beta…….it merely says closed beta is coming to an end.

    • But the press release they sent us states that the open beta starts on the 16th.

  • Here is the official announcement for all those who need to read it for themselves:

    Secondly, chill, it’s called CLOSED Beta for a reason, this game will be going through some big changes before its official release and Community Warfare will certainly be a game changer.