NYCC 2012: Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate Gets a New Trailer, Looks Glorious

Glorious, glorious 1080p Monster Hunter 3 – how does that sound? Pretty good, no doubt, to fans of the franchise. The Wii U “Ultimate” edition of the iconic title got a new trailer released just for New York ComiCon, which is taking place, starting today.

That upgrade in and of itself is a huge focus of the trailer, going from the 3DS to the Wii U. But, the trailer also points out many of the added features that make it so ultimate, so definitely take a look if you’re looking for some hunting action on your shiny new Nintendo system come early next year.

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  • For something glorious, it looks a lot like upscaled 3DS. Which isn’t that glorious at all 😀

    • ChadAwkerman

      It’s glorious in comparison with the 3DS version. With less annoying 3D, too.