[Opinion] Why Sony Should Exit The Console Hardware Business

When you think the word ‘PlayStation,’ what immediately comes to mind? Is it high end hardware? Is it Blu-Ray? Oh, I know, it’s 3D gaming, isn’t it? Come on, who am I kidding? It’s obviously none of these things.

When you think PlayStation, the first thing that should come to mind are the iconic characters and games. Memorable archetypes that have stood — and will stand — the test of time. Favorites like Jack and Daxter, Kratos, Sly, Nathan Drake and the list goes on and on. It’s Sony’s first party DNA that has paved the way to make PlayStation, and, more importantly, Sony Computer Entertainment, what it is today.

Yet as great as some of these games, characters, and their stories are, PlayStation finds itself in an uncomfortable spot. With the release of the latest PS3 Slim (late 2012), Sony is now selling hardware to help recoup company losses not just from other divisions, but to counter some not-so-good sales from its gaming division as well, which now includes the under-performing Vita. The price increase of the PS3’s latest hardware revision couldn’t have painted a worse picture about what’s really going on there.

[Opinion] Why Sony Should Exit The Console Hardware Business

Sony Computer Entertainment is More Important Than PlayStation

Sony, as a company, is bleeding money quarter after quarter. While they’ve focused their efforts on mobile, gaming and imaging, they have yet to exit the failing TV business that has hurt them the most. Some internal shifting has taken place in the last year which has former PlayStation boss Kaz Hirai now steering the ship.

While some believe Hirai, who is known for creating money saving cuts to the PlayStation division before taking on his new role as Sony boss, will make the right moves and cuts for the company moving forward, perhaps a different kind of cut should be in order. The cut that I’m referring to is removing the entire PlayStation hardware division.

This isn’t another doom and gloom article about the next PlayStation. Instead, I’ll go over why there shouldn’t be a successor at all. Sony Computer Entertainment, to me, is more than a piece of hardware.

It’s software, made by some of the best studios on the planet, optimized for the hardware its created for.

Now imagine if that talented pool of creators had the chance to work with the same tools and hardware as everyone else. Instead of creating a division between those who will build with DirectX 11 on the XBOX successor and whatever proprietary platform Sony will bring to next gen hardware, imagine if all of these developers were able to share their knowledge to create and bring to market the very best products that they can. Now if you’re still with me here, let’s go over why something like this would be amazing.

[Opinion] Why Sony Should Exit The Console Hardware Business

A Whole New Audience

You already know how intense some people’s loyalties lie, and I think there’s nothing that brings out the fanboys quite like video games. Check out the comment section of any multi-platform online community and you’ll see exactly the kind of trolling I’m talking about. If Xbots, Nintendo Fanboys and Sony Fanboys have anything in common, it’s their hate of one another.

An unfortunate by-product of that kind of hatred and being tied to one platform is that you miss out on so many games. In the case of those that have been glued to their Xboxs and Wiis (respectively), they’ve missed out on some incredible first party experiences that were only available on PlayStation.

Can you imagine the disbelief die hard Gears players would feel if they had the chance to play Uncharted and, in the process, realize that Epic games and Cliffy B did not create the 3rd person shooter? Minds would be blown. OK, seriously now, this is not to take away from iconic franchises like Halo or Forza, but if they were released alongside, let’s say, Killzone or Gran Turismo, on the same platform, would they be held to such a high regard?

Either way, in order to sell enough units to actually make some money, these games would no longer cruise along by just being OK or the best available on their respective system. No, they would have to be great. This leads to my next point.

[Opinion] Why Sony Should Exit The Console Hardware Business

Publisher Competition

Call me crazy, but save for a few unique titles, most of this year’s fall lineup is filled with 2s, 3s, rehashes, and spin-offs. While Sony does their own fair share of IP milking, they’re among the biggest risk takers in the industry when it comes to backing and publishing unique titles. The fact that other divisions are taking losses quarter after quarter, yet Sony has enough bankroll to support new and unique experiences, shows that creating engaging and innovative software is still a priority and that means a lot.

That same attention to detail is something you simply do not find right now in companies like Activision and Electronic Arts. Instead, every year we’re met with more “safe bets” like Call of Duty and Battlefield. The introduction of Sony into the multi-platform publisher equation will do more than shake things up. Their collection of worldwide studios, with the combined entities of Sony Computer Entertainment of America (SCEA), Europe (SCEE), and Japan (SCEJ) would cause absolute disruption in the marketplace.

Competing publishers (if they wanted to try to compete) would have to bring their A-game to remain relevant and successful. Smaller developers would benefit from having another major player with the means to showcase their original game or idea to a larger audience. In response, the ones who would benefit the most would be consumers, most importantly, gamers.

[Opinion] Why Sony Should Exit The Console Hardware Business

What’s the downside and would this actually happen?

The biggest downside is that unless things turn around dramatically in Sony’s favor, they could potentially wind up like Sega did a decade ago. Their early and brisk exit from the hardware business right after the North American launch of the Dreamcast back in 2000 wasn’t as much their choice as it was more like the only option for survival. Sony’s economic situation isn’t quite as dire as Sega’s was at that point, but as a company you can operate in the red for only so long.

Remember, this editorial is my opinion of what their next move SHOULD be. Will Sony go this route? I think we can agree that it’s not happening in the upcoming generation, especially with next gen development said to be at full steam.

However, this does help to bring up an important question that I have for Sony’s PlayStation hardware division (in my very best Bane voice): I don’t know what will break first, your bankroll or you ego? This generation’s 3rd place finish is unfamiliar territory for Sony and the PlayStation brand, and while they openly recognize where they went wrong (and did their best to prove that with the Vita), can they honestly afford a similar fate for whatever comes after the PS3?

By the time Sony realizes that abandoning hardware is likely (and arguably) the best course of action for Sony Computer Entertainment going forward, will it already be too late?

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  • HarryMasonHerpDerp

    I can see your point but I for one think Sony make great hardware.
    Their consoles are slick and reliable and I don’t think they are anywhere near the trouble SEGA was in with the Dreamcast.
    I think it’s way to early to predict Sony’s future at this point, the deciding factor will be how well the PS4 does then we will talk about Sony dropping hardware.
    Right now though I think they’re doing okay.
    I do see your point how they could benefit from just focusing on software though.
    Although SEGA aren’t doing to well without hardware at the moment are they?

    • Agreed, Sega isn’t doing so so hot right now. But yeah, I definitely see the PS4 sales and success being the real test here. And honestly I really think Sony IPs are strong enough to survive on other platforms. The question is will that happen willfully?

      • HarryMasonHerpDerp

        It would be very weird seeing PlayStation games on a Microsoft console.
        I can’t really see Sony and Microsoft seeing eye to eye on anything.
        They are both very stubborn company’s add the fact that Sony is Japanese and Microsoft American I just don’t think it would work.
        As for Nintendo I don’t think they would want Playstation games on their console for the pure fact it may take some of the spotlight off of their own franchises that they have had since the NES days.
        Still you never know if a new company will join the console market such as Apple or Valve and maybe they could work a lot better with Sony.
        Anyway I hope it never happens but if the worst comes to the worst then I agree that Sony’s franchises could very well survive without hardware and survive on their own.

        • There are Sonic games on Nintendo Consoles. Would we have ever thought we’d see that 15 years ago?

          • HarryMasonHerpDerp

            lol true but Sonic’s seen better days!

          • LOL touché. For the record though, Generations wasn’t half bad!

          • HarryMasonHerpDerp

            I’ll give you that one ;p

          • fry


      • nema

        You can’t see sales and success for ps4 ?
        can you please tell me why and what ps4 is like
        Im really interested to know since non of us saw it

        Sony has rights for his ip’s and you will never see them on Xbox or Nintendo ever!

  • personally i dont think there should be a ps4 for at least 5 years but personally it would have to be revolutionary in order to succeed. the new consoles changed everything with the digital purchases and access, home media(netflix amazon etc) and are now the focus for your home entertainment. they do everything. dvd blu ray, 3d, internet, on demand, hulu etc. this extends the life cycle dramatically. also indie games have found new life on psn. games you would never see in stores are now on demand as are rare games which invigorate the game industry. think about it, theres no way sony or 360 is going to release anything anytime soon. they still sell too well to just be abandoned. no one is going to buy a new console that does everything their current console does just for better graphics. digital is the future and its just beginning. only the wii u is re inventing gaming as of now with the tablet controller. that creates endless possibilities as does vita cross play and smart glass. these consoles are going nowhere and no one is exiting the business anytime soon

  • They shouldn’t exit so much as STOP making stupid ass decisions that anger their customers.

    The Vita isnt’ doing well because of such decisions.

    And really, if they want their next console to succeed it needs to be incredibly powerful. The PS3 and 360 are already holding back developers enough as it is. We don’t need a repeat of that 6 years from now.

    • The issue with that is you can only put SO much in the box. I don’t think Sony is in a position to sell cutting edge hardware at a loss.

  • WorstToFirst

    “3rd place”, funny since it’s overtaking the 360 within a few months most likely and will eventually overtake the Wii, since it has yet to hit the mass market and impulse buy $199, $179, and $149 price points.

    • Links with stats please.

      • Joe

        Everywhere else in the world?

        • Stats and link?

          • Joe

            You call yourself a journalist, and yet you can’t do some basic research for yourself? I’m not going to do a simple google search for you.

          • http://www.vgchartz.com/ Look on there ps3 has been dominating sales all year apart from america, So its safe to say this acticle is based on someones opinion that doesnt know a thing about how the ps3 is really doing….

          • The Xbox only have a 1.8 million lead….Facepalm

          • Jeanloui

            here good sir….

            here in Europe Xbox 360/live sucks hard…Xbox360 is only good for americans.
            PS3 is stronger and will dominate “American xbox” in 2013, no doubt….

          • Guest

            VGChartz’ numbers are made up guestimates. The only real numbers are the quarterly shipping numbers. Those are the only ones that are real and count…and in those numbers the Xbox 360 is still WELL AHEAD of the PS3. It is LAST PLACE alright and it will stay that way until well into next gen.


            Dude, it’s an inept point here, why don’t you reply to some of the real issues stated above with your article instead of replying to the easy to counter comments… typical, can’t back up your own article…

          • @JoelTaveras:disqus just stop trying to defend this poorly written article its to late

          • Julie

            Actually, X360 has a 1.8 million unit lead in worldwide terms. Plus you have to consider that X360 has 1 year ahead of market sales, and ever since launch PS3 has been the most expensive system on the market.

            Anyway, I din’t catch your point with this article. I mean, you are really suggesting that Sony should quit their most successfully buisness just because the company as an all have been reporting losses? Do you relly think that Sony is on the same boat of Sega? Do you really think that PlayStation 3 is on the same boat of Dreamcast?

            Besides, what kind of articles will you write without the popularity of the PlayStation brand? Think about it…

      • oo7porschemgs

        Umm, the stats you showed are only for the USA….. the first comment is correct.. the PS3 is about to overtake the 360 in WORLDWIDE SALES, and assuming the PS4 will come in 2nd let alone 3rd just because it did this generation, is not very smart. Look at the PS1, and PS2. They dominated. PS3 didn’t.. things change. PS4 could, and probably will. SONY has so many great 1st party studios that they are most likely to succeed. So this generation, the PS3 will come in 2nd… and if you THINK about it, did it REALLY come in 2nd to the wii? The wii sold a lot (heck even I have one), but most of the people who do have one including myself don’t play it often.. obviously because of the lack of games. PS3 has games, games, and so many f’n great games. AND, it is a great system, AND sony supports indie games as well… they are great at making hardware that is open to developers. Why would you want this to stop? I personally can’t WAIT to see the PS4, and what games they could make ONLY on playstation. Time will tell 😉

        • oo7PorscheMGS

          And also, sony is smart enough to know that GAMES are what will make their system stand out. The ps3 didn’t start out well obviously because of the steep price. I THINK they’ll learn from that with the PS4 lol, lets hope. I really like the way SONY does things rather than microsoft. As I said, sony takes a lot more chances on indie devs that give us games like JOURNEY and The Unfinished Swan, etc… games that you would NOT see on the 360 if sony worked for microsoft’s console… it’s just a different way of doing business… Sony is a japanese company that does things differently… look at ICO or shadow of the collosus… two more games that could only come from sony japan. And yes, LOOK at hardware… look at the fact that every PS3 came with a harddrive… look at how bluray gave developers like Naughty Dog the space to make Uncharted as beautiful as it is with little sacrifices, or Konami to make MGS4, or GT5, or the fact that they gave a french developer 3 YEARS to make a game called Heavy Rain… etc… I like the way SONY appreciates their developers giving them time and space and freedom and money to make their game…!!! If SONY wasn’t the console maker… they wouldn’t be the ones making these choices….. Or go back and look at the PS1 that changed the industry with the CD drive, or the PS2 that came with the DVD drive. SONY is not dumb when it comes to hardware and they ARE innovative and important to the industry as a leader of technology and innovation, both in hardware and software. Yes, I sound like a total fanboy.. because I am… 😉 The playstation brand starting with the PS1 in 1995 really seems to be taken for granted these days, and yet they continue to PUSH the industry forward with every new system and exclusive game…. Yes, Nintendo also pushed the industry “forward” with the Wii.. but I think the direction they’re going in is obviously different than the one SONY cares about. It’s good to have competition in hardware+technology and ideology, not just in software.

      • WorstToFirst

        You posted US numbers. Worldwide the PS3 is ~1.8mil behind the 360. It has outsold both the 360 and Wii for the past 41 straight weeks. Sales explode during the holiday season, so if it maintains its market % above the 360, it could pass it this holiday season, if not early 2013.

        As far as the Wii goes, the PS3 (and 360) are somewhere around 29mil behind in hardware sales worldwide, but the PS3 has been outselling it at a 5-1 pace recently. This may take 2 1/2 more years, but with the Wii’s sales flatlining and the PS3 still yet to hit the mass market price points, it’s still likely it will eventually also pass the Wii.

      • The ps3 is outselling the xbox everywhere in the world but America this week alone for example

        N. America








      • cookie

        See thats your damn problem you think its all about US no!! worldwide 360 is bit by bit getting overtaken

        • Guest

          The US is still the world’s largest videogame market, so it counts very much who is winning there.

          • Tonisha Adamson

            The rest of the world also matters but of course the naysayers always brag about the U.S.

      • Those are just U.S. numbers, nice reporting there Clark Kent.

      • Jayson

        check worldwide my friend, sony still get support in europe, japan and the rest of the world. the same in vice versa with xbox in japan. your saying microsoft should just quit because their losing in one territory and playstation doing better in us than xbox in japan


    • Badtrooper

      So, Joel Taveras Do you work for Microsoft? Are you afraid of PS3 surpass XBOX?

      • Are you afraid of creating grammatically sound sentences?

    • astarisborn94

      Xbox 360 I could see it surpassing, but it will not surpass the Wii. Thinking that it will is just flat out biased thinking.

      And this is coming from someone that sees the PS3 as the best console this gen.

  • Sokol4ever

    Being successful at one end of the hardware doesn’t mean you have to end your additional products.
    PlayStation as a gaming brand had been out since 1995 and have established more then enough customers over the years.
    Why exactly would you want the company to drop it? You must have a reason, and I don’t believe its for “entertainment” alone.

    You might had wished to present the article in structured way but unfortunately it’s nothing more then another doom and gloom PS3 bash.
    I sometimes wonder if “PC gaming is dead” or “Sony is Doomed” is more popular this days..
    Gaming journalism… what a joke.

    No respectable person would write such a thing or wish established corporation that produce many fantastic games to fail..

    Hopefully the next article is written with more reason..

    • Not once did I wish failure on Sony. I spent the article praising their 1st party work. And what I’m saying is that if their hardware isn’t selling but their software is great and unique, maybe it’s time to stick to what IS working for them. Hardware is expensive and selling at a loss these days is a suckers bet.

      Software and services is the differentiator and SCEA certainly has the software. Maybe its time that they make it do more for them.

  • thebishop

    The reason SCE takes such risks with software is because they are trying to make their hardware more attractive.

    Also, I got a good chuckle out of you calling OpenGL “proprietary” in contrast with DirectX-11.

    • Considering OpenGL is open source, proprietary, was a bad way to put it. Let’s switch it out for “less preferred”, is that better?

  • urchut

    Fcuk you too

    • I’m glad we were able to have an adult conversation about this.

      • Joel Taveras 2

        Hi joel,

        yes, this is another doom and gloom just like the recent Wii U doom and gloom and the Nintendo 3ds doom and gloom before the $100 price drop when Vita came out lol. If anybody should leave the hardware market its microsoft, RROD and RROD and RROD… PS3 has been outselling that horrible excuse of a console for forever now

  • Sony is a hardware company. Why would they exit a market they are designed for? MS is a software company, if anyone should exit it would be them. The PS3 is hands down the best hardware out currently. When I think of Sony in general I think good hardware, the Playstation is no different. I just see they have the best games as well.

    • Traceskipper

      The author is a goof and is article is blind nintendoism. I think he’s confused and should lay off writing about video games all together.

    • Bry Ern Low

      Very correct. Microsoft is indeed a software company, otherwise their name would be “Microhard”… genital references aside, it would simply not work.

  • talkwithsense

    Are you crazy that sony will cancel console buisness! Dude I bought more than $100+ stuffs on PSN store and like me there are millions of people… if they close the console buisness than Sony will face damn trouble…. so its most likely not….. Look at Nintendo! they got got more than 20+ years loss yet they are still in hardware buisness

    • ben

      “Look at Nintendo! they got got more than 20+ years loss yet they are still in hardware buisness”, I laughed. I think you should of meant, they were 20+years WITHOUT a loss before last year. Way to look stupid dude!

  • Hi Joel,

    I nearly didn’t read this piece, until I saw the site it was written for. You’ve written out your reasoning behind your ideas perfectly and while I feel that the next Xbox will be more Wii-like instead of high-end, leaving Sony to support the overly-expensive next generation cost alone, if my predictions aren’t true, I agree with you completely. With system exclusives fading away, companies are only hindered by them, instead of supported.

    But then again, I also want to see Sony developing (awesome) games for iOS devices too, which enrages folks to no end. Haha


  • yacaman

    Crap article. great Company. love my Ps3. love the IPs and love the network

    • Did you notice this article was about the IPs? Nevermind.

  • Xangbar

    I just want to say that you make them releasing the new PS3 model as a bad thing. They do that with every generation, re-releasing the system over and over. Because they support the console for up to 10 years and still make a killing on it! When the 360 came out, no one compared its sales to the PS2 which was outselling everything for that year the 360 was on its own in the current gen. They do this because they make money off it because there is a market for it. I remember when the 360 came out, basically all support for the Xbox was dropped and Nintendo basically left the GameCube alone. Yeah, there was the occasional game but not like what Sony did. The PS3 came out and rather than release God of War 2 on the PS3 which seemed to make more sense, they released it on the PS2. Sony has a plan and it works. That way they can rely on their consoles for up to a decade to make money rather than 5 or 6 years.

  • Jose

    When you think the word ‘PlayStation,’ what immediately comes to mind? Is it high end hardware? Is it Blu-Ray? — stopped reading at this point… yeah it’s the blu ray that’s the only thing i use mine for.

  • Tonisha Adamson

    That was funny. Could you tell that joke again?

  • This site has some very good writers, but when i see poorly researched and simply nonsensical articles like this one, it makes me wonder how it slipped by the editors. It really brings the whole quality down a notch, and makes me lose respect for you.

    • I’m sorry, but can you point out what’s nonsensical about it, since you’re quick to point blame on how it “slipped by” the editors.

      • Peeka Chu

        How about the fact that Sony has in many instances directly referenced next gen hardware? There will be a next gen, this was already confirmed, dev kits are already in the hands of 1st and 3rd party studios, so the rest of your article is the worst kind of baseless speculation.

      • Josh Gordon

        Who ever writ this article.. go and shoot yourself.. in the head. Seriously… All i see is dumb websites attacking sony and talking nonsence. the industry wouldnt be the SAME without sony. And it would not be where it is if it wasnt for SONY… Quit your job.

      • DarthDiggler

        Joel — you are just capitalizing on the Lowest Common Denominator. Forbes published an article citing your website by name. Now you are going to get attention for all the wrong reasons. This is honestly one of the stupidest things I have ever seen a website with some credibility (before today) publish. You have lost all that credibility with this one article.


        The fact is as a PlayStation website you guys should have a bit more understanding about the company you so “love”. This kind of nonsense will get you web hits but won’t get you an audience.

        Maybe the next article you write should be…

        Why DualShockers Needs to get out of the Web Business.

  • PantherDST

    Contrary your claims the playstation is not losing money for Sony. Their TV division on the other hand is losing money. Why cancel a profitable selling item to bolster a losing one? Your logic is flawed from a business standpoint, and not just your side the fanboy aisle.

    • As of June 30th 2012, PlayStation reported a 45 million dollar operating loss and hardware sales were down 14% from the previous year.

      Try googling things.

      • Dr_Monsngod

        pretty sure the development of the ps4 is baked into that equation aswell. and as we know, its not really selling as of yet. durp

      • Peeka Chu

        The development of the PS4 and the not yet profitable Vita and the cost of its launch (in terms of hardware recoupment) impacted that margin, I’m sure. Try Googling. Or common sense. Or both.

      • fry

        Nice damage control, but you’re an ass and a troll regardless.

  • Ding Dong the Witch is Dead!

    Sony is dead… it’s just so bloody DEAD.

    The ps4 will NOT be coming out folks, because sony is going down in 2013.

    I can almost hear the future wails and crys of dismay coming from the mass of delusional sonyfanboys, as they watch that arrogant and ignorant company fall to it’s knees… the playstation brand is so very near to extinction, so very near… it’s just a matter of months, a year at best.

    Oh happy days… Oh happy days 🙂

    • hmm…..

      the only one that sounds delusional is you…. playstation is profitable for SONY… and obviously you haven’t heard of Beyond Two Souls, Grand Theft Auto 5, Bioshock Infinite, The Last of Us, The Last Guardian, and others which are all probably coming out next year and are all BIG games. Get a clue, 2013 is THE year of the PS3…. and instead of calling out “fanboys” just because they have a different opinion of you, how about you use a DIFFERENT term.. it’s called being an EDUCATED gamer 😉

      • The Last Guardian is in development hell. And GTAV and Bioshock Infinite are not exclusive so I don’t get where those fit it in.

        Wasn’t 2012 the year of the PlayStation, or maybe it was 2011. Seems like Sony says that every E3. But you’re an EDUCATED gamer, so you know that already. Right?

        • It seems Playstation gamers are pretty happy with all the exclusives there getting, but I guess you Xbox gamers are just happy playing COD map packs one month earlier. Right?

          • hmmm……

            Exactly. This JOEL guy is an IDIOT. I didn’t even mention the new GOD OF WAR coming out… another HUGE game. The guy is clueless. yes, the “year of the PS3” HAS been EVERY year, if you think about it…. because NO other console has HEAVY RAIN, UNCHARTED, MGS4… etc 🙂 The ps3 has dominated in terms of EXCLUSIVE BLOCKBUSTER GAMES, EVERY year, and it continues to do so into 2013. There’s a reason the 360 had a whole YEAR headstart and has lost it’s lead BIG time… 😉 Everyone here is hating on your article joel, for good REASON. Too bad you’re too blind to listen to other people calling you out on your STUPID article. Educate yourself before you write. Sony will also be educating you in 2013, pay attention to their massive success and the continued fall of the 360 / wii u (people wont fall for another wii with no great games…). PS3 offers true innovation and new exclusive MUST play games… every year…

    • Tonisha Adamson

      Don’t you have that 360 to replace in your house?

  • LOL. Click bait for the butthurtiest of whiny fanboys. Well done Joel, count it. At least you can spell “Playstation” correctly and your articles sound like they’re written above a first-grade reading level. Holler!

  • AM

    You bring up some good points, but I must disagree with you. When a console maker quits making games on their own hardware (or platform) their software also suffers (look at Sega and Atari). This is why I think it is important for Sony, Nintendo, and Microsoft to continue to build software on their own platforms, because the hardware (or platform) that they make is designed for their software. One should never underestimate the powers of a good hardware department and indeed I feel in the video game insudtry Sony and Nintendo have the best to offer (with Microsoft having a very large, flexible platform for developers)
    In the case of Sony and Playstation specifically, I think much of the problem is due to the fact that Sony tries too hard to pack everything into the system; which causes the price of the unit to rise, which in turn causes Sony to have to cut the retail price and take losses, and the final price which generates losses for Sony is still higher than that of the competition. I feel Sony should focus more on the experience of the games rather than the power inside the system (power is important, but too much that most developers will not be able to initially tap into, and by the time they learn how to tap into it something newer has come along, is not worth it). Sony needs to create a solid machine (which from their track record they can easily achieve) that is designed purly for entertainment and fun, and then they need bring over all of their treasured IPs (and make some new ones as well) that is priced accessibly.

  • Another Sony doom and gloom article, I wonder what Sony did to piss off all these haters in order to get them wishing that PlayStation would go away.

    • Josh Gordon

      These people disgust me. I cant believe how sour fanboys have got recently. If sony left the gaming industry.. it would be a different industry. they are only 2mill sales behind xbox… or 1.8 to be exact. stop going on like sony have NOTHING. These fanboys need a life insted of shoving there little d**ks into their xbox’s. Grow the f up.

  • Why would sony leave the gaming market when they have more users then xbox…?
    Ps4 will do much better then the ps3 did unless they completely screw up, which if how they been treating ps3 the last few years, they won’t they understand gamers want games.

    Microsoft on the other hand is the opposite, the ended last gen strong with the xbox being the best console, anyone talking about games talked about halo, Morrowind, Kotor and other games that were only PC/Xbox.
    this gen Microsoft started out strong but started to die out in 2009 and was pretty much stagnated in 2010, with no good exclusives other then stuff we already seen and the push of kinect which failed. millions of gamers turned to playstation and millions more are waiting to see what next gen brings before making the switch.

  • These are some comments I posted on N4G responding to an obvious Xbox Fanboy defending these type of articles.

    “Its comments like this that its no surprise articles like this get
    approved. The one next gen console everyone should be worried about is
    the xbox 720 because it comes down to one simple thing people keep
    forgetting, THE GAMES!!! Microsoft doesn’t have any more you want to
    talk about sony ace in the hole here its is, its all of there first
    party studios delivering kickass games and Playstation plus offers a
    better value than xbox live gold. But hey if you want more Kinect and
    stupid gimmicks by all means jump aboard the xbox bandwagon but if I
    want to play actual games I think I’ll stick with Playstation and I’m
    pretty sure I’m not alone.”

    “When people think Xbox they think gaming maybe
    back in 2005-2008 but now what people think when they here Xbox is
    kinect, many 360 gamers are only sticking around because that’s were
    they have invested there money in, but what is to stop them from jumping
    ship to PS4. I jumped from 360 to PS3 back in 2009 because it became
    very obvious that Microsoft doesn’t care about games. PS3 has sold over
    64 million units and is not very far from 360 plus you talk about
    network okay lets talk, if your were to ask Playstation plus subscribers
    to leave and join Xbox live gold the majority of them if not all would
    laugh you out the building. PS plus offers a much better value than gold
    and more gamers are seeing that. Apart from that the fact you still
    need gold to use netflix,hulu,and all other features and still have ads
    while on PS3 there isn’t an additional charge for the very same things
    and zero ads. Also hardcore gamers the ones who make this industry a
    success have a lot more respect for the Playstation brand than Xbox,
    because Sony hasn’t turned there backs on them the same can’t be said
    for Microsoft, look at all there ads “Better with Kinect” how many
    hardcore gamers when they hear that roll there eyes. The audience that
    made Xbox so successful Microsoft have abandon and when you forget the
    people that made you so successful that sir is going to bite them in the
    ass come the next gen.”

  • PixelSword

    Sackboy is the only reason Sony should leave the console business!

  • Seriously123

    This is ridiculous. You had a writer, who is now surprisingly, pretty popular on Youtube who wrote a sarcastic article that made fun of 360’s multiple disc issue and he quit and I believe I know why. Now this was written by the co-founder according to the staff page and he doesn’t even get reprimanded! Hell, this warrants a firing before the chance to quit is taken. A joke article causes a writer to quit, a serious absurd article should cause a firing.

    • Jayson

      did you read my comment, what do you think. do you agree??

  • Well… I’d love to see some new PlayStation hardware. In the worst case scenario, we will be witnesses to yet another hadrware company going down (see ya, Sega!) and in 30 years time we can sell all of our PS4s as collectibles 😀

  • Anonymous

    There isn’t exactly a down side. PS3 is a lot like 360. I would say TOO much like 360. Apart from the exclusives and free online as an option there isn’t a single thing that stands out about PS3 to me. And no Blu-Ray isn’t one either.

    Nintendo does it’s own thing and offers something different on their hardware. sony and Microsoft seem to be in the same field. People say competition drives innovation but there isn’t a single thing innovative about PS3. Its more like upgraded everything. That is more evolutionary then revolutionary.

    Disagree if you guys want but its the truth. Its like Xbox apart from Sony and Microsoft games. Except Microsoft did things right that Sony did wrong. Thats why Sony are the ones that should drop and not Microsoft.

    • hmmm….

      So to sum it up.. this guy just said “besides the AMAZING PS3 EXCLUSIVE games and the FREE ONLINE to PLAY THESE GAMES ON…. the PS3 GAME CONSOLE has nothing really impressive on it!!!!” lol…. what more do you want from a game console? Besides the BEST selection of exclusive games, the best disk format (Blu-Ray), the BEST online structure (pay for even MORE features but ALWAYS play online for FREE), and probably the company that best supports developers (look at how sony supported Quantic Dream with Heavy Rain, or ThatGameCompany, or Media Molecule, or how VALVE praises the PS3 now too…. etc…..).

      • Anonymous

        Oh so your passing Sony having BEST selection of exclusive games as a fact now?

        FACT NINTENDO (not Sony) make BY FAR the best exclusives in the world. Hence why Sony keep copying them. I never said I liked Sony’s exclusives. And I don’t like them. Which is why they should drop out and not Microsoft.

  • Dr_Monsngod

    i loled and left.

  • Furio

    Yes,Man that wrote it is just an idiot.

  • Mike_T

    I think articles like these are actually targeting the fanboy readership. They always lose integrity when they lace the article with some sort of disclaimer about the fanboys being up in arms about the article. What is missing from this article is the explanation of why it makes sense for Sony to just totally throw away the console unit/division and just focus on games. What platform are these games going to be played on? If Sony is generating revenue with their console division to stop the bleeding (losing money) by their other divisions (i.e. TV, ), economically, I cannot understand the rationale to get rid of the one division that is actually generating revenue. What universal console is this article speaking of? In order for Sony to throw away their console and focus on games, there would have to be some meeting in the middle with Microsoft to do the same thing (never mind Nintendo’s Wii, not in the same discussion). This article never touches upon that. So it blows my mind that the article rehashes a byproduct of competition between Sony and Microsoft. Someone check the date on this article, I think in itself, it too is another rehash. The solution to any fanboy that wants to play multiple console platform games, is to go out and buy multiple platforms. I am not a fanboy, but I am a diehard Sony gamer. I don’t hate Microsoft, I just prefer Sony’s games. Does Microsoft have XBOX games that I would like to play, yes, but I am not going crazy over it. There are people who have both consoles. To write this article from Sony’s standpoint and state faulty or erroneous reasoning is dishonesty at its best. The subject should have been why Microsoft and Sony should unite in creating a universal console. Never mind the monopoly, never mind the killing off the competition which creates the best games. The business of being in business is to make money, if there is only one console, then it becomes just a pure money grab and the competition will cease which in turn will produce crappy games. The writer of this article needs a clue.

  • name

    this is retarded

    • ATTACK!

      It’s overly-aggressive writing.


    Keep dreaming. Sony won’t leave the console hardware division. And they certainty won’t go multi-platform. Your a Xbox fan boy in disguise. Know this, if the current “worldwide” sales trend continues then the PS3 will overtake the Xbox 360 within 6-9 months. What are you going to do then? Cry? I hope so.

    • Gene

      Indeed brother.


    Before I go I wanna give this writer a few facts which will make him and his Xbox buddies regret doubting Sony’s greatness. At the beginning of this year, the Xbox 360 had a massive 3.2 million unit lead over the PS 3 worldwide. That lead has been cut dramatically to 1.8 million. If the trend continues (which it should) then the PS3 will overtake the 360 within 6-9 months.

    Cry me a river XD

  • Robin

    Good article. Don’t worry about PlayStation. Sony as a whole is going down and will drag PlayStation down the toilet with them. It’s an arrogant and stupid company anyway, just like their dumbass followers. The crybaby fanboys make me laugh harder and harder every single time. Good to see Sony’s credit rating axed even further just last week. Byebye Sony, you won’t be missed!

  • fry

    What an idiot.

  • Lion Fox

    I don’t understand this debat at all…who cares who is leading who…pick what you like and play. Oh noes! Xbox is leading PS3! Oh yeah? well ps3 will overtake 360…Who cares! It’s like like one will go away because they overtook the other. People act like this is some contest to win. I like my 360. But I don’t bash on people for liking PS3 or Wii. All gaming is good. Screaming at other people for liking what you don’t like doesn’t do anything but make you look stupid. So here is a novel idea. Stop being a rabid fanboy on forums and spend more time gaming. Simple? Yes, the best ideas are simple.

  • Dumby

    So the solution to “a company poor results in last couple of years” is quitting their best buisness?

    You’re a genius 🙂

    • Unknown gamer

      Nintendo is still here

  • Unknown gamer

    “Why dualshockers Should Exit The Gaming Article Business” this should have been named! damn this is a crappy article!

  • ghostdini85

    I am disappointed that this type of article is on one of my favorite websites. Stick to writing about RPGs and leave the doom and gloom articles to lesser websites. I agree with most post saying why this is an bad article.

  • Gaara D.Dragon

    Joel, concerning your posts in the comment section: You generalized about the Playstation brand when it’s the PSV that’s losing money while the PS3 is profitable. You are misleading people by citing US only numbers. PS4 sales will not be the test, PS3 sales have been the test for half a decade now, enough with that. PS3 is less than 2 mil behind the Xbox, not five, vgchartz has been proven to be rather accurate numerous times. Yeah, high end hardware does come to mind with the PS brand and technically non of those studios are 1st party, rather 3rd party working exclusively for sony. PS3’s greatest success stories are in fact mutliplat games, in reality Drake and Sly are not that iconic. The generation is by no means over so placing the PS3 at third place is so biased it’s sad.

    Reality check: The playstation brand is the strongest card Sony has to play. Their 1st party studios have been seriously lacking this gen. The PS3 is probably one of the very few profitable Sony products.

    I’m sorry but articles like this are the reason gaming journalism is a joke.

  • So, did you enjoy the brief boost in traffic this article gave you? That’s the ONLY reason I can fathom you’d write such a poorly crafted piece of crap.

    The saddest part is you defending this obvious garbage. Just stop. Please?

  • crump

    [Opinion] Why Joel should exit the writing business

    I could sit here and bash you all night but this article speaks for itself about how little you know about the gaming industry. Give it up.

  • Mary

    Mr. Joel Taveras,

    Do you realize that the entire PlayStation brand is the most valuable product line of the all company that you are sugesting to live this buisness?

    It doesn’t matter if Sony as a all was reporting losses. PlayStation is a profit buisness has a all. It represents a industry of billions of $ in incomings from 3rd party royalities, 1st party revenues, PSN reveneues, and ultimatly hardware revenues when the hardware becames profitly as it seems to be since last Slim model.

    I will finish with this sales picture regarding to the last October week (worldwide):

    N. America








  • Kwame M Joseph Realtor

    Sony is not going anywhere.I have to agree this is click bait. The Playstation brand is Sony. Why make it disappear? it does not make sense. I had an Xbox got raid of it kept my Sony PS3. Sony is not going anywhere anytime soon. There the only pure gaming company around…and people will always want quailty gaming entertainment and Sony provides that.

  • Zinjo

    PS3 IS the reason Sony won the HiDef war, period.
    As a gaming console, it has it’s merits, but it lags far behind XBox for content since so many resources were put toward launching BD as the next format the system became eclipsed by XBox for content in North America.

    If Sony plans to remain in the market they need to catch up to MS in terms of gaming content for their system. With BD players dropping below the PS selling point, Sony needs to keep their console alive with quality gaming content or simply shut down the line.