Watch the Spectacular Final Cutscene of Final Fantasy XIV

While thousands of Final Fantasy XIV players struggled against disconnections and server congestion during the last two hours of the game, Square Enix just released the final, epic cutscene that concludes the storyline.

While it’s sad that so many didn’t get to enjoy the final event fully (even if we had a ton of fun anyway in the days leading to it), the final cutscene is downright spectacular. It’s definitely one of the best I’ve seen in a very long time, and I will admit that I shed a tear or two watching it.

Since we played that story with our friends and companions, the emotional connection with what we see in the video is definitely strong. It marks the closure of an adventure, with the perspective of a new one raising over the horizon. Louisoix’s last, benevolent smile as he sends the “players” to safety creates one of the most tear-jerking moments in a game trailer, ever.

You can enjoy it below, while you wait for the Letter from the Producer live that’s going to happen in about two hours (and that you will find here).

Final Fantasy XIV had its large share of problems, but many will miss it as we wait for the release of A Realm Reborn. Until then, a salute goes to the heroes that fought for Eorzea until the very end (and to those that tried but didn’t manage to). It’s been a honor playing with you all. We shall soon fight side by side again in a reborn Eorzea.

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  • Nick Perry

    I was unable to get on. But from what it sounded like, the game just went black and had a smashing sound?

    Anywho, I watched the Cutscene as soon as it was up. And Man, I was about to cry!
    Especially with that music!
    Makes me hope and pray that ARR doesn’t suffer the same issues as 1.0!

    I did manage to take some screens yesterday but wish I could’ve gotten in to take a ton more tonight :(
    *Warning, these are HUGE panoramic shots*
    These are just some. I took ~370 screenshots yesterday… almost all of them were in Coerthas because I was planning on taking the bulk tonight before 10pm came around. Was gonna walk from Coerthas all the way to Uldah while taking screenshots everywhere possible. Then warp to Limsa and take a bunch there. And then go to Mor Dhona and take a ton of shots of everyone fighting. But didn’t get to. Oh well, at least i’ve got as much as I do to remember 1.0!

    • Giuseppe Nelva

      very nice screens 😀

      • Nick Perry

        Thank you. I only wish there could’ve been more! If there weren’t the connection issues, I can only imagine how amazing a panorama of all the players fighting would’ve looked hah

        • Giuseppe Nelva

          Unfortunately the old FFXIV can’t visalize more than 40 people at the same time so…

          Luckily that’s gonna change in ARR 😀

  • belac09

    that music was epic!!!!! it almost made me cry, and i dont have any emotions!!

  •ファイター-ストリート/1441869768 ファイター ストリート

    Dude you weren’t kidding about the awesome trailer. I wanted to cry and I’ve never even played this game. Will it EVER come to PS3?

    • Mike

      yes, ARR will be released on the PS3, they already showed a few screenshots of the ps3 client awhile ago.

  • ChadAwkerman

    Watching this and reading all the recent info about ARR makes this probably one of my most anticipated titles of next year.