Do You Want to Play Half-Minute Hero 2? Prove It.

The folks out at Marvelous Entertainment, the developers behind the hit game Half-Minute Hero, have already released its sequel out in Japan, and have been tweeting and asking Western gamers to fill out a survey asking one question: Would you buy the sequel?”


Well, wouldja? Tell us in the comments below how much you’d like Half-Minute Hero 2 to debut in the West, and then go tell Marvelous Entertainment what you think!

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  • Nick Perry

    YES hah.

    Retweeted, shared with all my friends.

    • Masoud House

      Very awesome! I would have thought bringing the sequel to the states would have been a no-brainer. The Wario-Ware of the Sony handheld, with its own charm and hook.


  • Daynemog

    I punched the yes button SO HARD

    • Masoud House

      lol there’s times where i wish i could express my enthusiasm to developers more than just pressing one button to give one vote. A pressure meter would be awesome. “Looks like one gamer took a hammer to his keyboard. I think that counts as… 1000 votes? Yup.”