Gangnam Style is Taking Over the World

Has PSY’s Gangnam Style invaded your radio station, internet memes, and youtube videos? Well now the international hit is invading your consoles, via Just Dance 4, and we have a trailer video below to prove it.

Gangnam Style released today on the Xbox 360, and will release tomorrow on the Wii. PS3 gamers will have to wait to join in on the  fun, and Wii U gamers will have to wait until December.

How excited are you for Gangnam Style? According to expert psychologists, this news will either make you abruptly weep tears of joy or suddenly go mad. Take your pick and stay tuned to DualShockers for more news.

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  • Romudeth

    F*ck this song man. I thought the song was called “Gundam style” and watched the entire thing waiting for Mechs to show up. I is disappoint.

    • I was indifferent to this song until I read your comment: now i’m immeasurably sad that the world hasn’t given us a proper Gundam pop song. “Gundam Style” improve this song in concept alone.

      Where’s a good youtube parody when you need it?

  • I don’t want to live on this planet anymore

    • Funny you say that, because I’m fairly certain all the money PSY is probably making right now could fund NASA’s next trip to space. One day, my friend, one day.

      It’s so catchy and I have no idea what it means!