Yakuza 5 Gets Two TV Commercials

on November 23, 2012 1:10 PM

Yakuza 5 is speeding towards its release date (it will hit the shelves in Japan on December the 6th), and today Sega published two new commercials to make our mouths water.

The first focuses on the story, giving us a glimpse on the usual fantastic cutscenes that characterize the series. The second is more playful, and shows some of the many minigames that will make us spend countless hours with mindless fun, from chicken races to hostess flirting.

Of course we still don’t really know if and when we’ll be able to spend those countless hours with the game, considering that Sega West still didn’t say a word about a localization. Thing that is making me feel slightly on edge.

You can enjoy both commercials in the video below.

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