Is This a Spaceship For PlanetSide 2?

Sony Online Entertainment President John Smedley loves to tease the fans, and he’s outdone himself this time for PlanetSide 2. What you’re looking at above is some sort of awesome space carrier belonging to one of the MMOFPS’s three factions. With the largest vehicle currently being a squad transport aircraft, we have to wonder, what the hell is going on? Is this some sort of new frontier, with space warfare? Is it a base for guilds to hang out?

People keep asking for galaxies to carry tanks. bah.

Perhaps it will serve as that faction’s home base, since the sanctuaries of PlanetSide were not added to the sequel? It could even be a replacement for the close quarters underground cave battles of the original game. At this point we just don’t know, but it could take the game in all sorts of strange and wonderful directions. Hopefully Smedley will be kind enough to tell us more about it soon.

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  • Jeff

    It says on the image itself “Terran Republic Defense Systems Fleet Carrier “Bastion”” and shows the “air control tower”. It’s quite obviously an aircraft carrier. The only thing i can’t see, or may have missed, is whether it will be based in the ocean, or in space. Certainly looks more designed towards space at the moment.