BioShock Infinite Official Box Art Has No Elizabeth

Today Irrational Games released the official box art for all the three platforms on which BioShock Infinite will be released.

Surprisingly enough the artwork only shows the male protagonist Booker DeWitt in a rather iconic “Army of Darkness” pose, but it doesn’t include the female lead, Elizabeth (that is arguably a lot more lovable than DeWitt).

That aside, it does look decent, all things considered, even if some (ok, more than some) may find it slightly banal.

Whether you agree or not, you can check out all three version of the box art in the gallery below.

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  • RandomReduX

    Ahhhh, grizzled serious dude with a weapon. The North American marketing department strikes again. And it’s even got that orange and teal color scheme that is oh so popular these days.

    • Paul-Anthony LaCen

      Apparently shes on the back of the cover.