Check Out the Office Where Star Citizen Will Be Created

on December 2, 2012 9:03 AM

The Crowd Funding campaign for Star Citizen has been massively successful, and it still growing thanks to people upgrading their pledges (at the moment of this writing its just a tad short of seven million dollars), but now the real work starts.

Of course in order to do a good job, Chris Roberts and his Cloud Imperium Games Team need a cozy place to work in, so they went and leased an office in Austin.

They also posted a nice little video to show us the plsce. After all we’re paying for it, aren’t we?

If you want to see  the birthplace of Star Citizen and Squadron 42, you can check the video out below. Can’t wait to see the place full of computers and working bustling with activity. The road to the Alpha is still long.

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