Sega Recaps the Whole Yakuza Series While We Wait for Yakuza 5

on December 3, 2012 9:42 AM

Yakuza 5 is just three days away from its release on the Japanese shelves and Sega released in advance the usual recap videos that are traditionally included in every Yakuza game, to help new and old players alike in catching up with the events that transpired before the fifth chapter.

It’s a whole hour and a half of footage ranging from the sweet PS2 era to the latest games on PS3, split in four rather long clips.

Unfortunately here in the west we’ll have to wait a whole lot longer to play¬†Yakuza 5¬†(assuming that Sega West plans to localize it at all), so this will be more of a terrible tease than anything else, but if you can stand it, you can enjoy the videos below.

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