Still Not Sold On the Wii U? Try The “Wii U Experience” At Your Local Mall This Holiday

If you’re still a little hesitant about getting a Wii U this season, Nintendo wants a chance to change your mind.

With the “Wii U Holiday Mall Experience”, Nintendo is setting up Kiosks in at least 26 states across the country, offering experiences with both the new GamePad, and the Wii Motion controls on a variety of Wii U launch titles.

You can see if there will be a kiosk near you on Nintendo’s Wii U events page, and get a taste of a Nintendo Christmas in the video below.

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  • Joel Taveras

    I checked out the one at Woodbridge Mall in NJ, but there was nothing that I hadn’t already seen at E3. Nintendo Land was there but, well…. yeah…..