New Video Series Brings us Behind the Scenes of Ni No Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch

At long last, after eagerly waiting for more than a year, at the end of January we’ll be able to play Ni No Kuni, and Namco Bandai came up with a new video series for us to enjoy in the meanwhile.

Today they published the first video of the series, that brings us to the Tokyo offices of Level 5, where CEO Akihiro Hino and game director Ken Motomura walk us around and show us how the team works. We even catch a glimpse of the developer’s motion capture studio.

Hino-san also talks about the studio’s design philosophy and about the origin of its name. Looks like it comes from “Five stars” as his idea was to bring  forth high quality games like a five star restaurant does with food.

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  • Ludakriss

    Anybody tried the demo yet? It’s beautiful. Just what I expected. Simple combat, simple movement, simple graphics. AMAZING!!!!

    • I’m trying it this weekend. SO STOKED! 😀

    • ChadAwkerman

      Oh yeah, I played through the demo a couple times now and love it. Naturally, Namco Bandai doesn’t know how to make demos still (long story relating to the Tales of Vesperia demo many years ago), but once I got a feel for it, it was awesome. Definitely looking forward to the release next month.

  • Ludakriss

    We’s goin to be some happy players come January!!! YES!