DualCast Episode 23 – RPG Reboots and the Return of Lightning

Welcome back to another episode of the DualShockers DualCast! We’ve got a packed episode for you this week. As usual, we talk a bit about what we’re playing and dissect the last couple weeks worth of RPG-related news. As far as main topics go, we have a rather lively discussion about our pics for RPG franchises that need a reboot or remake (and Final Fantasy VII isn’t allowed!). We also delve into what we know about Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII and discuss what the game could be, whether or not we’ll buy it and just general musings about the franchise as a whole.

As always, we’d love to hear from you in the comments. Let us know what you think and give us some ideas for topics down the line.

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  • Anon

    Have to laugh at the start and the mom interruption there. Waited for the SE countdown and… nothing happened.

    • Unfortunately something happened. It’s another damn browser game lol. Someone called it.

      • Draken

        No big surprise about the let-down. They’re getting pretty infamous for doing these things now. It was comical, however, how the countdown site was “broken” when the timer got to zero, and it took them hours(?) to fix it.

        Looking forward to more podcasts! I really want to hear your picks for RPGs (true RPGs. None of this Mass Effect 3 BS I’ve seen on other sites) of the year, soundtrack of the year, studio of the year, etc, etc.