Cross Controller Coming to Little Big Planet 2

Next week Little Big Planet 2 will be getting the Cross-Controller Pack that will allow gamers to use their PS Vita as a controller for the PlayStation 3 and makes use of Vita features such as touch screens and a second viewing screen.

The pack has Sackboy team up with a group of Space Pirates to find treasure that is thought to be lost to the Cosmos. There will also be new tools introduced for the community to use when building levels.

This DLC will retail on December 18th for $4.99 and will require gamers to have a PlayStation3, Little Big Planet 2, and a PlayStation Vita. It will be interesting to see if more games start taking advantage of this cross system connectivity with the PlayStation consoles to be competitive with the Wii U.

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  • Sorry but this should be free to promote the feature. I think having a Vita, PS3 and the game are enough of an investment for a hardcore fan already.

    • Chaos Mechanica

      They seriously need some kind of system that tracks their most hardcore fans. Having a PS3, Vita, PSP (1000, admittedly none more recent) and the PS Eye/Move/Navigator should qualify me for a ton of bonus Sony love.

  • Chaos Mechanica

    I’m wondering if this will make creating easier. Using the touch screen to place and resize things sounds like a good use of the Vita