SuperBot Looking Into Ranked 1v1 & Timer For Stock/Kill, Focus On “Balancing” Drake, Raiden, Kratos

SuperBot Entertainment set up a chat room today and were surprisingly open in answering questions regarding character balance, player telemetry and match settings. Game director Omar Kendall and SuperBot community manager Daniel “Clockw0rk” Maniago fielded questions from fans and jilted players alike. First, they confirmed that Sackboy’s nerf was coming well before the game even went live, and that the nerf isn’t “set in stone”. Next, they said that their focus on balance seems to be situated on Nathan Drake, Raiden, and Kratos.

More importantly, they spoke about player telemetry and what they plan on releasing in terms of character data. At the moment, two of the original six characters cover both ends of the spectrum; Kratos is the most popular character while Fat Princess is “by far” the least. SuperBot intends on showing telemetry that details which characters are proving the most successful, but they’re mainly considering ranked match telemetry with regard to character balance. Character balance seems to be a matter of popularity more than whether an underused character is considered overpowered by a few. Lastly, they said that they’re looking into the possibility for 1v1 ranked matches and a timer option for stock/kill limit, something that I’m sure every competitive player will be glad to know.

As Omar loves to say, players should stay tuned to see how Playstation All-Stars develops. I asked them if they would let me money match them for a job, but I should probably stay tuned for that too.

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  • Jesse_WM

    Source or didn’t happen.

    • The source was a chatroom where I asked direct questions, do you want me to post a screenshot of Clock saying on twitter “hey, come talk with us in a chatroom?” They answered every question verbally.

      That’s about as much “source” you’re going to get because I am the source.

      • Jesse_WM

        I’m sorry for my rude manner of asking. I thought it would be more effective. Also chat in the industry usually means via text, so was curious to see what exactly was said, non-recorded vocal sources are pretty rare. But ya, sorry again man.

        • No worries, man. I should have recorded the chat but I was more happy that they were answering questions. If at any point something else is a source though, it will be noted in the article.

  • Earthbounder

    Seriously? XD

  • anon

    thanks for the info!

  • Kratos and Drake deserve a nerf. Raiden? Not nearly. He has no projectiles and can be decimated by characters who can shoot him from afar or gram him outside of his attack range. An affective “keep away” game or a level that isn’t a head-on fighting area is devistating for Raiden. Kratos and Drake can spam moves all day and win with ease.

    • dorkgeniuz21

      Id say the characters that need to be nerfed are the ones that are really good and can obliterate his foes nomatter the situation.Kratos & raiden fall into that category.

      • M.T.II

        you haven’t stated any type of examples or proof to show that this is true I on the other hand have noted how projectile users can overcome a short range fighter like raiden

        • Jesse_WM

          Raiden can close the gap between himself and a projectile based fighter in a split second, then they’re locked into his blade strikes, and he can even combo into his level 1 easily from there. Geniuz likely didn’t clarify why, because it’s pretty obvious to anyone who plays ranked FFA often. This is only one of Raiden’s strengths mind you.

        • dorkgeniuz21

          Well in my experience online,characters like Kratos & raiden cause a lot of problems because they can fight really well, Raiden having tons of combos and Kratos being able to throw everyone around the ring and making it harder to get close to him, not to mention his level 3 super etc.Characters that can build up supers really fast need to be nerfed because their fighting style is a major advantage in its own.If anything everyone just needs to be buffed up to Kratos’s level or superbot just needs to make all attacks an equal percentage based on the button and move used etc.

  • freddy-1023

    i hate the way they keep on “nerfing” wherever this word come from, every characters. there are so many effing glitch to patch beside nerfing character. cant they just keep what theyve done?

    • dorkgeniuz21

      not to mention the pre-order costume ps vita dilemma…Omar did say that they have teams working on various stuff and the work being done on one thing doesn’t take away from the others…

  • Asiacrasia

    I don’t think I timer for stock and kill matches would be a good thing. It would promote the “get a kill and run away for the rest of the game” playstyle

    • There is nothing stopping someone from doing that even without a timer, I’ve run a match into the 25 minute category just because I could.