TERA Goes Free to Play (Actually Hybrid) This February

on January 9, 2013 11:33 AM

It’s no mystery that the action-oriented MMORPG TERA has been one of my favorite last year, enough for me to still play it nowadays. Today both En Masse Entertainment and Gameforge (respectively handling the game in the US and in Europe) announced that the game will do away with the Pay to Play business model and move to a hybrid one in February.

Former players will automatically move to “Founder” status and will have certain privileges (including a special “Terminus” mount and full character and bank slots) New players will start with “Standard” status and will have to work their way up with a cash shop. Both categories of players will be able to acquire the “Elite” status via the usual $14.99 monthly subscription, earning them another mount and quite a few perks like discounts in the cash shop and more dungeon entries a day.

For the full list of privileges (and responsibilities) for each status, you can check here, where you will also find a FAQ that will explain all the changes (you can find the European version here).

Both En Masse and Gameforge also released developer diary videos explaining the transition further. You can find them below.

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